Meditation Therapy

meditation therapy for mental health and addiction issuesPeople suffering from addiction and mental health issues benefit from meditation. Though it may be difficult at first to quieten the mind, meditation can help unlock memories and emotions that need to be healed in the recovery process. Through guided meditations, people previously dependent on drugs and alcohol can learn to divert their attention from pain and struggles to regain control over their body’s responses, urges, and cravings. This goes for individuals who deal with mental health issues such as PTSD and depression as well. Transcending the physical experience of pain, addicts and patients improve their distress tolerance skills and their ability to endure hardship without turning to drugs, alcohol, or other self-destructive behaviors.

Meditation is one of our many holistic treatment methods. Meditation possesses numerous physical and psychological benefits. There are many advantages to meditation including: improved concentration, self-awareness, self-knowledge, inner peace, and better health. Daily meditation can also help treat and resolve poor sleep patterns.

Our goal is to discover the reasons why you struggle with yourself and/or are dependent on drugs and alcohol.

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