Massage Therapy for Substance Abuse Recovery

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The Benefits of Massage Help in Recovery

According to the National Institute of Drug Addiction, substance abuse costs the U.S. an estimated 484 billion dollars per year. That's right, $484,000,000,000.00. This number factors in the costs associated with social, prevention and awareness, intervention and treatment programs, coupled with lost wages, crime, and health care costs. As what seems like more and more people are affected by substance abuse, treatment facilities are turning to alternative and holistic recovery methods such as adventure therapy, massage and meditation. At Legacy Freedom, our alcohol and drug treatment in Raleigh NC offers holistic programs such as adventure, massage and meditation therapy so that your road to recovery is a little more stress free. Leading a sober life means keeping your body and mind strong and we can help. Call us today to learn more. In today's post, we are going to talk about how regular massage sessions can help you with your own personal journey to a sober life.

Helps Reduce the Pain of Withdrawal

In general, addicts relapse due to the pain that is often associated with withdrawal sickness. At it's best, withdrawal symptoms can be just mildly uncomfortable, but at its worst ... withdrawal sickness can be brutally painful, and even fatal in some cases. Chiropractors, and other holistic healers have been using massage techniques to address chronic pain for hundreds of years. It only makes sense to incorporate this form of therapy into substance abuse programs. When your body starts to detox, it might develop post acute withdrawal symptoms. These are the pains associated with your body relearning how to cope without the abused substance. At Legacy Freedom, we've learned how to use this valuable tool to effectively treat your withdrawal pains.

Helps Reduce the Cravings During Recovery

Another big reason addicts fall victim to a relapse during recovery is because of intense cravings. Cravings can ruin recovery and patients sometimes must focus all their inner strength and willpower to remain focused on staying sober. Unfortunately, lots of recovering patients cannot resist the cravings and turn back to their vice substance. At Legacy Freedom, our Massage Therapy programs can help reduce these cravings that you are feeling. Call us right now to learn more and get started.

Helps Immune Response Time

Want to know why addicts and junkies are always sick with the flu and other colds? Abusing drugs and alcohol can inhibit a body’s ability to fight off bacteria and viruses. During the detox phase, recovering addicts can get sick a lot quicker because the body's defenses are in a rebuilding mode and massage therapy from Legacy Freedom can help. Regular massage sessions relieves stresses in the body that work to improve your body's immune response times.

Do You Need Alcohol and Drug Treatment in Raleigh NC?

If you, or someone that you care about is suffering from alcohol and drug addiction, please call us and get help. At Legacy Freedom, our center for alcohol and drug treatment in Raleigh NC is staffed with caring and loving professionals that only want the best for you and your family or friends. We're pulling for you! We want you to succeed in life. We take a holistic approach to your recovery. We do not believe in using drugs, to treat a drug problem. We heal your addiction without leaving you with a crutch. Call us right now and let us help you start a new life!

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