Male Suicide – An Epidemic

Raleigh depression therapy When 61 year old television chef and culinary icon Anthony Bourdain took his life a few weeks ago the world was stunned. On the heels of another high profile celebrity figure’s suicide, Bourdain’s passing opened a conversation among men close to his age who were saddened by his passing. More than 600,000 Americans over the age of 54 watched his show every week. As he traveled around the world sampling strange delicacies and eating foods no Westerner would touch Bourdain provided a way for men of a certain age to live their adventures vicariously through the hero on their screen. Do you need compassionate Raleigh depression therapy? Call Legacy today.

Presently in America, men account for 80% of all suicides according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Middle-aged white men are still at the greatest risk for taking their own lives and while this number has gone down, this demographic is still highly at risk. A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found that more than half of the men who committed suicide had no known mental health issues. Researchers believe that the epidemic of depression and despair prevalent in Western culture is a direct result of the way we live. Substance abuse, financial difficulties, familial disconnect, and relationship issues are at the core of the majority of the male suicides in this country.

The CDC findings further illustrate that people can have more than one experience that leads them to take their own life. The core of the problem lies in broken marriages and relationships. These factors seem to have a domino effect that never ends. Divorce leads to depression and financial hardships that often result in broken parental relationships. Men, who are less likely to have primary custody of their children, feel this destruction of the parent/child relationship more harshly than women.

Bourdain wrote in his book Medium Raw that he felt “aimless and suicidal” after his first marriage ended in divorce. American funnyman Robin Williams was in a problematic third marriage when he took his own life in his Hollywood home. The impact of these failed relationships has become so much a part of American culture that it is often overlooked and has remained largely unaddressed. Add in a cultural influence where we don’t discuss things for the sake of political correctness and as one researcher observed, “we have created the perfect storm.”

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