Is Lovesickness a Real Thing?

psychologist in Asheville, NCWe have all heard the age-old talk about lovesickness. Whether it was during a time that we had a crush on someone, a relationship with a high school sweetheart, or heartbreak, we heard about being lovesick. However, did you know that lovesickness is real? Let's take a deeper dive! If you want to speak with a psychologist in Asheville, NC that you can trust in 2018, contact Legacy Freedom for help.

That’s right, in the late 1970s, Dr. Dorothy Tennov began studying this condition. She found what everyone seems to already know. Lovesickness is when someone falls in love and becomes involuntarily crazy. A chance romance, fierce attraction, and an obsessive need to have these feelings reciprocated can cause you to be lovesick. When feelings of love are not reciprocated, the lovesickness can become dangerous. Feelings of despair, depression, and sadness are experienced.

While being lovesick is not an official diagnosis, it is intense and real. Many people suffer from this condition. Below, you will find several symptoms that come with this condition.

  • Inability to eat. Your appetite leaves you.
  • Trouble sleeping. It’s possible you haven’t slept in days.
  • Trouble concentrating at work. You may feel dizzy or lightheaded.
  • Feeling like you have the flu. You could have a bug, but more than likely it is love.
  • Shortness of breath, stomach pain and other physical effects like heart palpitations leave you feeling like an addict. You can seem addicted to the feeling of love.
  • If you feel unusually depressed or sad after a breakup, it’s possible you’re suffering from lovesickness. states that "Sigmund Freud regarded lovesickness as mental illness that involved compelling illusions. Given our current understanding, this assessment is not surprising. We are more aware of how low self-esteem and intimacy phobia, not to mention alcoholism and substance abuse, can sabotage love, and prevent one from enjoying happiness."

We can understand why you might be thinking that lovesickness is a silly phrase and nothing to be worried about. However, anytime feelings of depression or extreme sadness take over your life, it's important to seek help. Depression and anxiety are real. They can cause serious problems within your life. Don't hesitate to contact Legacy Freedom if you think you may be suffering. We can help.

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