Long Distance Relationships and Mental Health

Raleigh mental health helpIf the person you love is half a world away or halfway across the country, long distances can make it difficult to keep your relationship alive. To complicate matters even further, feelings of anxiety or depression can creep up during your relationship. Whether you or your partner are struggling with these feelings, one thing is for sure, when added to a long distance relationship they can make the distance feel even more significant. However, if you or your partner is struggling with depression or anxiety, there are ways to help manage it without allowing it to have a negative impact on the relationship. These tips can help. Searching for the best Raleigh mental health help in 2018? We're here to help. Call Legacy Raleigh today.

Be Honest with Your Partner
For those who are with you every day, it can be easy to see the physical signs of depression or anxiety. Your partner won't have that luxury since they are far away. Instead of trying to conceal your emotions, be honest about how you feel. Helping your long distance love know how to treat you while you are having an anxious or down day can help you both. While you will feel supported, they will feel like they know whether to give you space or attention.

Develop Strategies to Soothe Yourself
Since your loved one won't be able to express their care and support for you physically, you'll need to develop some ways to soothe yourself. For some people, journaling about their feelings or doodling can help take the edge off their anxiety or allow them to work through feelings of sadness. Others use music as a way to feel close to their partner. Creating a playlist of songs that bring back happy memories or are comforting can help combat depression or anxiety.

Follow Up When Things Return to Normal
Once you or your partner have begun to feel better, connect with each other and talk about what worked and what didn't. It is important for you both to know that struggling with these feelings while in a long distance relationship is normal. However, it is important to recognize that even if you were together, these issues wouldn't magically be remedied. The mental illness your partner is struggling to cope with has nothing to do with you. Adding feelings of guilt to the mix over their mental illness or living far away doesn't help matters. Being a supportive, understanding, and encouraging partner does help.

Raleigh Mental Health Help

Are you or your partner still struggling with feelings of depression or anxiety on a regular basis? Legacy Freedom can help. Thousands of clients have found ways to overcome their negative thoughts and feelings through our holistic approach to mental health. Developing positive coping methods and healthy thought patterns can stop the cycle of good and bad days in your relationship.

Getting started with quality mental health care is as easy as calling or clicking to connect with our care team. Stop letting anxiety or depression control your relationship. Take back control with compassionate and confidential Raleigh mental health help from Legacy Freedom today!


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