Keeping Your Sanity During Summer Break

Charlotte Mental Health TreatmentSummer vacation is rapidly approaching and for most parents that means that they will soon find themselves in a house filled with stir-crazy kids. Instead of struggling through summer this year, plan ahead and keep both you and your kids sane and focused on having fun. Here are some ways to keep things running smoothly this summer. When you need the best Charlotte mental health treatment, reach out to the pros at Legacy Freedom for the help and care you need.

Stick to a Schedule
What you may not realize is that your kids love the routine and structure that the school year provides. A regular schedule gives your kids a good idea of what to expect next, and that helps them keep a handle on their day. For children who are anxious, a routine is comforting and can help them adjust to a more relaxed version of their usual schedule. While the schedule doesn't have to be rigid, setting aside time during the day for scheduled activities helps everyone know what's next.

Maintain a Regular Sleep Schedule
During the summer it's tempting to let your kids stay up late and sleep in late. However, these disruptions to their regular sleep schedule can make transitioning back to an early bedtime for the start of classes difficult. Instead, opt to let kids stay up for no more than one hour past their regular bedtime and the same goes for their normal waking time.

Let Your Kids Be Bored
Kids need time to be bored. Allowing your child to be bored helps them learn to use their imagination and develop problem solving skills. Make a sign for your home that says, "I'm Bored = Chores." It's not your job to keep your children entertained all summer long. Making your kids figure out how to end their summer slump will force them to engage, play, or try something new. If they can't beat the slump and spend their days doing chores, then let them help out. The quality time they get with you and the responsibility they learn are both important.

Don't Neglect Your Friends
Sure having your kids home all summer interferes with your schedule but that is no reason to neglect your friends or to fail to take time for yourself. Setting aside a girls' night or going for a bike ride alone is essential for your sanity. Hire a babysitter and go to lunch with your pals or hit the pool without your brood in tow.

Plan Activities
Giving your kids something to look forward to can help break up the summer monotony. Building in regular and recurring activities during the week helps your kids have something to focus on. Trips and other outings that build excitement make the summer seem more special and give kids something to countdown to, rather than focusing on back to school.

Best Charlotte Mental Health Treatment

Summer isn't all fun and games. Parents everywhere struggle with the summertime blues and the added stress of having their children home all day. If you find yourself struggling with depression or anxiety this summer, Legacy Freedom of Charlotte can help. Thousands of people have learned new ways to cope with their mental health issues through holistic mental health treatment at our outpatient center. Getting started is as easy as calling or chatting with our care team.

Don't let your problems hold you back this summer, take control today with our outpatient Charlotte mental health treatment plans!


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