Is Technology Hurting Your Addiction Recovery?

drug rehab in columbusWe want the best outcome for your addiction recovery. That means we want you to have a life that you can enjoy and be fulfilled without drugs, alcohol, and other compulsions holding you back. Living a clean and sober life comes with a lot of responsibility. Sometimes, the enormity of it all can seem overwhelming. This leads many recovering addicts to seek alternative ways to cope, outside of the methods they learned while in their program for drug rehab in Columbus, OH.

One of these alternatives is by using technology. But can turning to today's many tech options hinder your recovery? In the next two posts we aim to tackle that question and give you a few things to think about before you dive in head first. If you need alcohol or drug rehab in Columbus, OH, know that Legacy Freedom can help. Keep reading to learn more.

Is Technology Hurting Your Addiction Recovery?

When you start thinking about how technology can affect a person's substance abuse recovery, it becomes clear that there are some definite things to be aware of. In some cases, the recovering drug or alcohol addict might find ways to use technology to replace their substance abuse with a gaming, porn, online gambling, or shopping addiction.

Technology can put you into an enabling relationship without you even knowing it. Everything is just a few clicks away, as long as you have an internet connection or data plan. This 24 hour a day, 7 day a week access makes it really easy for recovering addicts to fall victim to online temptations.

Social media also plays a dicey role in addiction recovery. People become slaves to their Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Constantly updating statuses, overly posting selfies, and spending more time surfing profiles than spending quality time with the people that really do love and care about them can actually have negative effects on recovery. Furthermore, there is a real issue with people getting what's called "Facebook Depression" or "Facebook Jealousy." This is where you compare yourself to other profiles and you beat yourself up with negative thinking because you do not have their life.

Some people are just too afraid to disconnect from their smartphone for fear of missing something. These are the people that have to instantly respond to texts, emails, tweets, posts, or any other notification. This obsession with constantly being connected can actually lead to anxiety and stress. Furthermore, a research study by Kent University found that excessive use of smartphones can make life less fun for people.

If you have to be connected for your school work, or your job, set regular times to check and deal with emails or missed messages. This will help you cut back on your obsession and reduce the anxiety of feeling the need to check your phone every thirty seconds.

Don't miss part two where we talk about more ways that technology can hurt your forward progress in recovery.

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