Horrible Heroin Facts

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Columbus OH The nation's heroin epidemic is running wild. In some states, like Ohio, the number of people affected by heroin is growing at an alarming rate.

Just so you're better informed, here are a few facts about the drug that you should be aware of. Did you know that Legacy Freedom is one of the top substance abuse treatment centers in Columbus OH for treating heroin addicts? Continue reading to see how we can help your family with recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Horrible Heroin Facts

Users Look You and Me - People that use heroin look no different that you or I. Heroin addicts come from all walks of life, including the rich and middle class. And more and more young people are becoming addicted. Recent studies have shown that teenagers. and those in their twenties have also been using more heroin as well. Between 1999 and 2009, the numbers rose by 80%.

You'll Become Tolerant Really Quickly - Once heroin takes a hold of your brain and body, your tolerance levels will increase as well. It only takes just a few hits before your body will feel as if it actually needs it. Your brain will tell your body that it needs more and more of the substance just to function normally. This is called a dependence. Unfortunately, many people that use heroin have already been addicted to opiate based pain killers, so that dependence has already been established.

You Will Probably Die Young - Heroin addicts die young. The average lifespan of a heroin user is typically 15 - 20 years. This is not true in all cases, but mixing different drugs, sharing dirty needles, and developing chronic disease from excessive abuse is all contributing factors for this short lifespan.

The Cravings Will Last For Years - Once addicted to this powerful drug, know that the cravings can last for many years, even after visiting substance abuse treatment centers in Columbus OH. In times of great stress or hardships, the cravings can become even worse. Because of these cravings, heroin users that have been through rehab can be at high risk for relapse.

If you have someone important in your life that is suffering from heroin abuse, keep reading to see how we can help them.

Dependable Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Columbus OH | Legacy Freedom

If you're ready to live clean and free from heroin, we can help. Legacy Freedom is one of the best outpatient substance abuse treatment centers in Columbus OH. We will work with you and your family to develop a customized addiction treatment plan that is right for you, and will help you with your addiction problems. Please call us today to learn more or get admitted.

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