Why Do Holidays Bring Out the Worst in People?

Wilmington, NC Depression TreatmentThis time of year, everyone is gearing up for the holidays. Whether you love them or hate them, it's time to start preparing. Many times, the holidays bring out the worst in us. Why? There are several reasons for that. If you need Wilmington, NC depression treatment, call Legacy. We'll help you!

  • Gift-giving can be overwhelming. Whether you have tons of friends and family to buy for, don't have the finances to purchase gifts, or have trouble accepting gifts, the whole entire idea of gift giving could be quite stressful and overwhelming. Unfortunately, for many families the holidays revolve around giving gifts. If this is the case in your situation, consider thinking outside the box and trying something new. Instead of giving gifts to friends and family, offer to do something good for them or someone else in place of purchases. Offered to donate money or food to homeless shelters. Clean out your closet and donate unwanted clothing to those who need it. Offer your time to help family members or friends who need projects done around the house. This will make you feel good about yourself and help someone in need.
  • Family gatherings are a must during this time of year. It's inevitable that you will have to spend some time with immediate and extended family members. However, this too can become overwhelming and stressful, especially when you're married and have children. It's possible that you have 5 to 10 gatherings and events to attend in less than one month. This can be stressful for anyone. Instead of stretching yourself too thin, consider opting out of the least important gatherings. Or, try to combine a couple of events. If your in-laws are comfortable with that, combine their holiday time with your family time. This is a great way to free up some time and energy.
  • Sometimes, holidays mean spending time with people you only see once a year. Sibling rivalry, an inability to get along with parents, or other situations can cause emotions to run high during this time of year. Arguments can begin over unimportant things. Tempers flare and feelings get hurt. Instead of having an intimate gathering with family that doesn't get along, consider having a meal out at a restaurant. Being out in public might keep tempers and arguments at bay. Typically, when in public everyone is on their best behavior. There won't be as much room for inappropriate behavior.

To learn more about how holidays can bring out the worst in people and get a few tips on how to cope and deal with anxiety and depression this season, visit back soon. Our next post will continue with this information!

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