Why Do Holidays Bring Out the Worst in People? continued

Psychologist in Wilmington, NCWelcome back. We are here to talk more about the holidays and how they might bring out the worst in you or someone you love. If you missed our previous blog, visit back there for more information. If you're wanting to speak with a qualified psychologist in Wilmington, NC, call Legacy. Let us help you.

Those who struggle with the holidays typically have a reason. However, no matter what the reason, there are ways to find happiness and relaxation this time of year. Below, you'll find several reasons why some have trouble coping with holidays and tips on how to overcome it.

Families who have lost significant loved ones always have trouble during the holidays. No matter how long it's been since they passed on, it's still emotional. This can bring out the worst in anyone as it's difficult to know how to cope with these feelings during holidays.

Those who don't have a significant other to bring to work parties and other holiday functions might have trouble being confident when showing up single. Those who are going through a divorce or break up may have an even harder time. Guests will ask questions about why you're solo. Coming alone can bring a great deal of tension and stress. However, know that whatever the reason for your single status, it's none of their business. Only attend mandatory events if it makes you feel more comfortable. Otherwise, embrace being single and have fun at holiday parties this season. Bring a friend or family member if it helps you!

Are you always thinking of ways to please people? If so, the holidays can be so overwhelming that it brings you to a breaking point. Then, you're stressed, angry, and tired. Try not to overdo it this year. Instead, do what you can and forget the rest. If you typically have a five-course meal for friends one night and then another for the family on a different night, combine the dinners or cut one out. Know that you aren't going to disappoint people as long as they understand what's going on. Let them know how overwhelmed you are. Don't assume they'll be frustrated or angry at you. You're only one person and can't do it all. You might also consider having a friend host the meal at their home, instead of yours. Or, do a progressive dinner where each friend hosts a course of the meal at their home. This is a fun and exciting way to celebrate the holidays together. You might even consider having a progressive dinner with family, as well. That way, everyone is sharing the responsibilities and no one feels overworked or too tired to enjoy the celebration.

Holidays should be a time of celebration and togetherness. If they bog you down and make you feel depressed, anxious, or angry, find other ways to celebrate. There's no reason you should spend your season in a way that isn't happy and relaxing. We hope these tips help you this upcoming holiday season.

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