How to Help Your Spouse with Their ADHD

ADHD treatment in Raleigh When someone you love has ADHD, the daily struggles you face are unique. From financial difficulties to neglecting you and your relationship, living with your spouse and their ADHD can make marriage even more challenging. If your spouse has developed their own way of coping with their ADHD, it can be hard to know just how to maintain your role as a supportive and loving partner. If you or your spouse need affordable ADHD treatment in Raleigh, NC, call Legacy Freedom for help.

One of the most frustrating things for a spouse whose partner has ADHD is living with the feeling that they are being ignored. The truth of the matter is that your spouse has difficulty focusing and staying on task because of their ADHD. They hear you, and they want to acknowledge your needs and your requests, but changing focus is hard when you have ADHD. Instead, many partners feel like their needs aren't important and choose to take care of the trash, the burned out light bulb, or the unpaid bill themselves. Over time, resentment begins to build, and you may find yourself fighting with your spouse. Instead of tackling those tasks by yourself, try making the request to your partner in one of these ways. Legacy Freedom offers the best ADHD treatment in Raleigh. Call now.

Give Them a Time Limit - Asking your husband or wife to take out the trash is a general request. Instead, give them a time limit to accomplish the task in. Choose positive language like, "I would be happy if you changed the bathroom light bulb before three o'clock." Then ask your partner what they think about the request.

Touch Your Partner When You Make Your Request - Those with ADHD receive information more thoroughly and more readily when they have several senses engaged. Try resting your hand on your spouse's shoulder when you make your requests or make eye contact and wait for a response.

Gently Remind Them Again - Your spouse may merely need another reminder to perform the task you asked them to do. Avoid being nagging or condescending in your request.

Another struggle that spouses of those with ADHD face are the financial issues that arise as a result of the mental illness. Whether your spouse overspends impulsively or is over the top about managing every penny, money can be a point of contention. Finding ways to maintain control over your joint financial responsibilities when your spouse spends erratically can be more than frustrating. Many spouses of those with ADHD report having anxiety about finances. If your partner is hypervigilant about financial matters as a result of their ADHD, even the smallest unaccounted for expense can throw them into a tailspin. Working together to find a solution to these extremes is critical.

Best ADHD Treatment in Raleigh for 2018

At Legacy Freedom Raleigh , we know that living with ADHD and living with someone who has ADHD can be overwhelming and challenging. Asking for help to cope with your own depression or anxiety as a result of your spouse's ADHD can seem silly. However, it is crucial for you to take control of your mental health for yourself, for your spouse, and for your relationship. Our approach to mental health treatment helps you heal mind, body, and spirit. By combining traditional talk therapy, alternative treatment methods, nutrition counseling, and physical therapy, Legacy Freedom offers you a holistic approach to mental health care.

Getting started is as easy as calling or clicking to connect with our care team. If your spouse's ADHD is uncontrolled or not being managed effectively, see what Legacy Freedom can offer them. Stop letting untreated mental health conditions strain your relationship. Contact our care team today and begin your healing journey with holistic ADHD treatment in Raleigh!



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