Healthy Ways to Deal with Your Anger

If you struggle to control your temper, you know that even the smallest irritation throughout your day can put you over the edge. One minute you're paying for your candy bar and the next you're yelling at the guy ahead of you to hurry up when his credit card gets declined. Anger is a normal and healthy emotion when it's controlled and is able to be resolved in a reasonable amount of time. However, if you find yourself struggling to keep your cool when you get upset, these tips may help you calm down and relax before your anger bubbles out of control. Stop being angry by calling upon our therapist in Charlotte, NC at Legacy Freedom. We can help you.

1. Understand Your Anger
Getting to the root of what made you angry can help you identify whether your anger is about something in the past or something that is happening right now. Most people find that when they look at the situations and behaviors that make them lose their cool the cause is in the past. When you feel yourself getting blindingly angry ask yourself, "Where is this anger coming from?"

2. Remove Yourself from the Situation
Whether you take a walk, go for a run, or put yourself in timeout for 15 minutes, getting away from the situation or person and calming down can prevent you from choosing in the moment to do something that you may come to regret.

3. Make Your Anger Productive
Some people cope with anger by cleaning, others find that it motivates them to complete a difficult workout, while even more people channel their anger into creating art or music. No matter how you deal with your feelings of anger, turning them into something that is productive and enhances your life changes your focus from feelings of rage to feelings of accomplishment.

4. Refuse to Allow Your Anger to Escalate
When someone or something gets on your nerves, it is easy to fixate on that person or thing and allow it to consume your thoughts and emotions and make you feel even angrier than you were to begin with. Instead, master your anger and control this powerful emotion through relaxation techniques and refocusing your energy. You can use these feelings to accomplish something worthwhile.

5. Go to Your Happy Place
Imagining yourself in a calm, peaceful, happy place can help take the edge off your anger. Whether you envision snow covered mountain tops or sun-drenched beaches, release your tension by closing your eyes and imagining yourself in your favorite environment.

Holistic Therapist in Charlotte, NC for Dealing With Anger

Still having trouble controlling your anger? Legacy Freedom of Charlotte can help. Our holistic approach to mental health treatment has helped thousands of clients learn to overcome their anger and channel it into positive coping methods. Using the energy from your anger is also a terrific way to cross off steps towards major goals in your life and can help motivate you to work hard on your healing journey. Call or click today to connect with our therapist in Charlotte, NC and begin your mental health treatment with the expert staff at Legacy Freedom today!

Join us next time as we look at more ways to deal with your anger positively.


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