More Healthy Ways to Deal with Your Anger

Therapists in Charlotte, NCThank you for joining us for the second part of our series on healthy ways to deal with your anger. In our previous post, we examined why coping with your anger positively can be empowering and healing. From taking a timeout to creating your happy place in your mind to harnessing that energy, finding a healthy way to deal with your anger is important. Here are some more healthy ways you can confront your anger. Our therapists in Charlotte, NC can also help you deal with your anger. Call now to learn more.

1. List Out Why You're Angry
Making a list of what is bothering you can help you identify patterns of behavior, people, or situations that make it hard for you to keep your cool. The intent is not to share these feelings with the people who are making you angry but for you to identify the causes of your anger so that you can confront the negative thoughts and feelings that are making you angry.

2. Practice Meditation
A peaceful and calm activity like meditation may be the last thing on your mind when you are angry but turning your attention from what made you mad towards controlled breathing and peaceful thoughts can quickly convert your rage to zen. Consider taking a meditation class or downloading a guided meditation app to use on the go.

3. Have a Good Cry
Releasing anger and other emotions through crying is a healthy and safe way to release your feelings. Stress, anxiety, annoyance, and sadness can all be resolved with a good cry that releases these emotions and makes you feel better.

4. Use Music to Calm Down
Classical music or other soothing music like chanting or singing bowls can help reduce feelings of anger and rage. When you listen to music that doesn't have words and is calmer, you will be able to counterbalance your anger and change your mood. Your thoughts will be able to flow from being mad to more peaceful and more rational thoughts.

5. Get Away
Removing yourself from the situation is one of the best things you can do when your anger becomes overwhelming and out of control. Going for a run, hitting a heavy bag, hiking, or riding a bike are great ways to turn your angry energy into something positive.

Alternative Therapists in Charlotte, NC for Anger Problems

At Legacy Freedom of Charlotte, we know that dealing with your anger can be difficult. For many people, their anger becomes larger than life. Controlling your rage and identifying the cause of it is crucial to taking control of these powerful emotions. Our holistic approach to mental health treatment has helped thousands of people learn positive ways to overcome their mental health challenges. Asking for the help you need is essential. Many who struggle with anger issues find themselves facing legal troubles or being injured as a result of acts committed in anger. Some of our clients discover that the root of their rage lies in other untreated mental health conditions, stems from years of abuse or neglect, or can be related to a negative childhood memory.

The help you need is just a call or a click away. Our staff is ready to help you get started on your healing journey towards better mental health. By combining traditional talk therapy with alternative treatment methods, our therapists in Charlotte, NC will create a plan of care that is tailored to your needs and goals. Every client has access to our staff physical therapist and dietician who can help you heal your body while you improve your mind and spirit. Stop letting anger control your life. Take back control of your emotions with mental health treatment from Legacy Freedom. Call or click to connect today!

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