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Columbus OH Alcohol Rehab CenterWhen it comes to rehabilitation programs there are many different treatment options involved. This can involve detox treatments and behavioral therapies. One of the treatments involves peer group support sessions or group therapy. Group therapy differs from peer support groups in a number of ways. Searching for a Columbus OH alcohol rehab center you can trust this winter? Call Legacy Freedom for help.

Group therapy offers the following:

  1. Small groups of 5-15 people
  2. Often limited to occur during the treatment period
  3. May be required
  4. Managed and led by a treatment professional
  5. Does not include sponsorship

Peer support offers:

  1. Can be large groups – unlimited membership
  2. Continues after treatment
  3. Includes sponsorship
  4. Managed and led by members
  5. Usually voluntary

Group therapy helps in addiction treatment by allowing people to talk through their own issues and learn some techniques and tips to help mange these issues. This is designed to help an addict gain confidence in their own ability to achieve recovery. Being able to talk to others on the same road to recovery can help in many different ways. Having a small Columbus OH alcohol rehab center group and participating in that group gives an individual in an addiction treatment program a strong tool to help them reach their goals.

SAMHSA outlines how these five group approaches work. First, they are psycho-educational. This means individuals learn about substance abuse and all of the many behaviors that relate to it. Second, skill development is of great importance. This helps the group to focus on the development of skills that will help them cope with the various triggers and all other aspects of their recovery. Thirdly, the group therapy will work to change cognitive behaviors by helping to change thinking patterns to change behaviors. Another area group therapy works with is in support systems. An individual can learn from others throughout the treatment process. Lastly, those participating in group therapy can explore, process, and then hopefully be able to manage their own psychologies that could have led to the abuse of substances.

In a group therapy situation the group's therapist uses a large set of skills that will facilitate the group in change and growth. The following are some of the skills used:

  • Supporting – Offering positive reinforcement in order to stimulate growth and change.
  • Summarizing – Identifying common themes in the discussion and providing a picture of where the group has been and where it is headed.
  • Reflecting – Capturing the facts, feelings, or meaning underlying what members are saying and expressing this back to the members without sounding mechanical.
  • Questioning – Stimulating thought and action by asking about issues pertaining to a group member or the entire group.
  • Linking – Promoting member-to-member interaction by pointing out common themes among members.
  • Interpreting – Explaining the meaning of group members’ thoughts, feelings, or behaviors within a theoretical framework, such as cognitive-behavioral theory.
  • Facilitating – Taking the focus off of the group therapist by helping group members take action and interact with each other.
  • Empathizing – Adopting the internal frame of reference of group members.
  • Confronting – Challenging members to face contradictions in their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
  • Clarifying – Focusing on underlying issues and helping group members obtain a clearer picture of what they are thinking or feeling.
  • Blocking – Stopping counterproductive behaviors in a group in order to establish ground rules or to protect group members.
  • Active listening – Being alert and present in order to hear the subtle and direct messages being communicated by group members.

All Columbus OH alcohol rehab center groups that meet for support are not alike and an individual may want to try several before committing to one. Groups are led by trained group leaders that know how to get the conversation going. They also are skilled at getting everyone to participate. A skilled leader will know how to listen to individuals and be able to pick up on behaviors that they see as reoccurring and help with this. Often these are things an individual may not be aware they are doing. When a therapist sees a client in a group dynamic they are often able to gain a perspective that can help them customize the care an individual gets.

Group therapy at an alcohol center in Columbus provides a atmosphere of trust that many addicts need. This allows them to talk openly and freely about things they might not discuss with anyone or anywhere else. This also allows them to see others have the same issues and problems they have. They do not feel as alone in their struggles. This group therapy can help addicts learn to model better behaviors and learn from what others have gone through.

Those who struggle with addiction are often faced with shyness, loneliness, frequent arguing with others, excessive dependence, not being able to trust others, lack of intimacy, and being uncomfortable in social situations. As most groups have between 4-10 members and one to two counselors, this allows for lots of opportunities to address all of these issues. The group and counselors can then offer feedback and plenty of support. They will also encourage more interpersonal interaction as well.

If you, or someone you know, are looking for this kind of therapy do your research. There are many kinds of groups available that can help addicts with a great recovery program. Knowledge about the options out there will help you pick just the right program for you. If you are still unsure talk to your professional counselor about group therapy today. They can help you make a good decision and get you well on your way to a good recovery program.

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