Halloween Costumes Recovering Addicts Should Avoid Wearing

Alcohol Rehab in Greensboro NCWith Halloween coming up we're all thinking about what we'd like to dress up as for our upcoming celebration. Halloween parties are fun and can be exciting without drugs or alcohol. If you're a recovering addict, you've probably already made arrangements to either spend the evening with sober friends or to attend a sober party. For the number one center for drug and alcohol rehab in Greensboro NC, call Legacy Freedom.

Just as you've planned your evening, it's important to think about your Halloween costume as well. Below, you will find several costumes that should not be worn if you are a recovering addict.

Alcohol is often used as a costume. Whether you think about dressing up as a bottle of liquor or can of beer, recovering addicts should reconsider this type of costume. It not only sends the wrong message but could be a trigger. You may end up drinking alcohol because you're faced with it all night long.

Because you know what it's like to deal with a personal problem like addiction, it's important to consider that when choosing your outfit. Steer clear of things that involve a mentally ill person. Straight jackets or the idea of being institutionalized with a mental illness is only trivializing devastating personal issues. You know what it's like to be faced with these kinds of problems. It's difficult and should not be downplayed.

In the past, dressing up as NFL player Ray Rice has been popular. Unfortunately, a video was released of him committing a domestic violence act. This video went viral. It's important to understand that this costume would be promoting a joke of domestic violence. As someone in recovery, making light of causing harm is not a great way to continue your new path in sobriety.

We hope this information helps you choose a Halloween costume that is comfortable, fun, and something that isn't a trigger or offensive. If you're still looking for something to do this upcoming holiday, visit back with previous blog posts. There you will find tips on how to have a fun and sober Halloween!

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