Growing Up With Alcohol abuser Parents

There are several reasons why you should not drink around your kids. The facts are that kids who grow up with an alcoholic parent are almost four times more likely to develop into alcoholics themselves, based on a recent report. While they are growing up, they will also suffer from serious emotional stress and behavior issues because their homelife is so dysfunctional. As you can see, when an alcoholic plays the parental role, the disease affects more than just that person. The entire family really suffers from the disease. You might be reading this and find that some of these ideas really fit someone you know, or they could possibly hit home. You might wonder how to identify potential problems either in yourself, your family, or in a friend's family. There are some really great alternative treatment options that exist for both alcoholics and the kids that grow up in these homes. If you have a mom, dad, or someone you just generally care about, with alcohol, or other substance issues try calling Legacy Freedom. We have centers for alcohol and drug rehab in Columbus OH, Raleigh and Charlotte NC. Our holistic programs work without using drugs to treat your addiction issues.

The Personality Of an Alcohol abuser Family

Adult children and young children face very different realities when dealing with alcoholic parents. The adult children have to deal with their parent's seemingly split personalities. They often wonder if their parent has hit rock bottom yet or what's coming next. It's a situation where on one hand they love them and want them to be safe and taken care of; on the other hand there is a lot of uncertainty, fear, disappointment and even anger. For the younger kids growing up in this household, they have all types of fears and emotions.

Kids living in a home with alcoholic parents often wonder if their needs are going to get met and if their parents love them. They can often be scared, especially if their parents become violent after drinking too much. As the premier facility for alcohol and drug rehab in Columbus, OH we have seen instances where the kids sometimes have to take on the role of the parent in order to survive.

Increased Risk For Alcohol abuse

As stated in the first paragraph, the children of alcoholics have an increased chance of suffering from alcohol abuse themselves. Currently, there are nearly 30 million adult children of alcoholics in the United States. The chances of these children becoming alcoholics are almost four times higher compared to the children that grew up with normal parents.

This group of children is at a disadvantage. They are more likely to also suffer from emotional stress, have negative coping skills, and could easily become depressed. We feel that in most cases, there is a pattern with both nature and nurture. There are some studies that show that genetics can play a role in developing these bad behaviors, just like environmental circumstances can also factor in.

Legacy Freedom | A Center For Holistic Drug Rehab in Columbus

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