Why Do We Use Drugs?

greensboro NC drug and alcohol treatment centerDo you or someone you know suffer from substance abuse? Are you hoping to find a way to break free from addiction? If so, one of the first steps to recovery is admitting there is a problem. Then, finding out the cause for the problem is key.

One question that has been asked, time and time again, with no real defined answer is, "Why do we use drugs?" While it all depends on the individual and their root cause of substance abuse, there are many reasons why we choose to use drugs.

A Few Reasons Why People Use Drugs

A few of the most common reasons are:

  • To fit in
  • Find relaxation
  • Alleviate stress, anxiety, depression or other emotional or mental issues
  • To feel grown up
  • Experimentation
  • Relieve boredom
  • As an act of rebellion

Many people think that using drugs is a great way to "fix" problems. It becomes a way to escape from our daily stresses. Unfortunately, using drugs once in a while becomes more of a habit quicker than we realize. Eventually, addiction sets in. We end up building a tolerance to our drug of choice and soon, a larger dose or stronger drug is required to feel that same sense of escape. Drugs affect our minds directly and distort our perceptions. We lose all accountability for what's happening around us. In turn, actions and behaviors become irrational, inappropriate, odd and destructive. Addicts stop at nothing to find their next high. Families are destroyed as the addiction becomes stronger.

Unfortunately, when we use drugs, all sensations are blocked; both desired and unwanted. You might experience a short-term relief of pain, anxiety, or boredom but in the end, using also alleviates the ability to think clearly. Alertness is compromised and dangerous side effects take place.

This is why Legacy Freedom believes in providing an alternative, outpatient therapy program that offers lasting results and positive experiences for those suffering from addiction. We help you redefine your priorities and build upon solid decisions. We strive to help our patients find something in their lives to be passionate about so that they will not rely on substance abuse as a means of coping. By first treating the underlying causes and conditions, we know we can help you find something that inspires and encourages recovery.

Our substance abuse treatment programs provide a safe, intimate setting wherein individuals can explore their core issues, develop greater self-awareness and self-confidence, and learn coping skills that create full, lasting recovery. We offer gender specific and mixed gender groups. Our personalized substance abuse treatment programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Absence of tremors
  • Creation of a healthier belief system
  • Dealing with anxiety and depression, guilt and anger
  • Developing a solid base of self-esteem
  • Developing coping skills
  • Elimination of cravings
  • Elimination of depression and anxiety
  • Established short and long term goals to support life-long recovery
  • Finding a comfortable spiritual path
  • Improved quality of life
  • Learning healthy boundaries
  • Learning to express your feelings and needs
  • Managing stress
  • Re-establishing or maintaining support systems
  • Restored concentration
  • Restored energy -- no more fatigue or exhaustion
  • Restored memory
  • Stabilized emotions
  • Stabilized sobriety
  • Understanding and effectively managing relapse triggers
  • Understanding optimum intake of essential nutrients
Outpatient Greensboro NC Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center | Legacy Freedom

Regardless of how bad substance abuse has become, help is always available. With combined support from family and Legacy Freedom, you are not alone in this, recovery is just around the corner. Contact Legacy Freedom of Greensboro to learn about our alternative, holistic rehabilitation that is tailored to fit personal needs. You'll finally be able to learn how to rejoin life with the help of our Greensboro NC drug and alcohol treatment center.

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