What Makes Legacy Freedom Different?

substance abuse treatment centers in greensboro NCDo you suffer from substance abuse? Are you dealing with a family member or loved one that can't overcome the desire to use drugs or alcohol? If so, fighting this battle alone is probably consuming you. Thankfully, Legacy Freedom of Greensboro is proud to offer highly successful outpatient rehab that works.

Recovery is just a phone call away. Our customized programs are tailored to fit the needs of the addict. We don't use a "one size fits all" program. That's why we are different from other rehabilitation programs you may have read about.

We do not believe in using drugs to treat addiction. Programs that use Methadone, Suboxone or other types of drugs have disadvantages that can hinder progress in a rehabilitation program. They may create a new addiction that could require another round of detox and therapy. Even more, there is a possibility of overdose if the drug isn't taken as prescribed.

Our outpatient therapy programs give you the freedom to go about your daily work or school life, without interference. Using a substance like Methadone could be cause for concern if drug tests for new or current jobs are mandatory. These maintenance medications can do more harm than good. That's why we offer a drug-free alternative approach to recovery.

Successful recovery starts with Legacy Freedom. We offer the following unique therapies to those struggling with substance abuse. We strive to offer the bests outpatient, alternative therapy sessions that might help you with recovery.

In addition to the group programs above, we also offer individual therapy as well as family sessions. Chances are families suffer right along with their loved one during this time. it's important to know that loved ones can join patients in therapy sessions. They'll get a better understanding of what the patient is going through. Even more, they'll also learn new ways to help recovering addicts along the road to recovery.

Alternative Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Greensboro NC | Legacy Freedom

As you can see, Legacy Freedom is not like typical substance abuse treatment centers in Greensboro NC. Our alternative, holistic methods have been proven to create a plan for recovery that is based upon the needs of the individual patient. Achieving overall health and wellness as well as regaining happiness in life is what we strive to do. Our holistic approach to recovery has been proven to do so. In fact, our success stories are a great first step to inquiring more about our programs. Read them, here. If you're ready to learn more about our alternative therapies for addiction recovery, please be sure to contact us.

You are not alone in this battle of addiction. If you or someone you love is suffering from substance abuse, please feel free to contact Legacy Freedom. We are here to help you rejoin the path to a happier, healthy life.

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