How Does Inpatient Treatment Differ From Outpatient Care?

drug and alcohol treatment center in greensboro NCAddiction is something that many of us face, everyday when we wake up. Oftentimes, it feels like there's no hope for a cure. Others feel that inpatient rehab is too expensive and too time consuming to consider. That's why we are here to talk with you about the benefits of outpatient care versus a typical lock-down rehab facility.

Our outpatient drug and alcohol treatment center in Greensboro NC offers many benefits for individuals ready to commit to recovery. Fighting addiction is hard, but it's well worth the end results. Leaving family, work or school to enter into recovery is often impossible, though. Outpatient therapy ensures you won't have to do that. Choosing to trust Legacy Freedom with your substance abuse treatment needs allows you to:

  • Continue working or going to school.
  • Access support from Legacy Freedom on an as needed basis.
  • Rely on the support of loved ones both during therapy session as well as time spent away from our facility.
  • Live life, learn to cope with recovering from addiction and continue to experience real life experiences that help you better understand why you chose to get help.

Our goal at Legacy Freedom of Greensboro is to provide affordable, outpatient rehab that works with your schedule. Beating addiction isn't something that's going to happen overnight. It takes time and patience. That's what's great about our outpatient therapy programs. They allow you to build a plan around work or school. There's no need to conform to treatment that the next person uses. Our personalized care is geared toward your needs. We don't have a "one size fits all" mentality here. Receiving customized, outpatient care is the only way to successfully beat addiction. Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers are proud to offer the following therapy programs:

For those that have family who'd like to join you, we offer programs for that as well. Family programs for substance abuse help loved ones learn about addiction and what it means to start recovery and stay there. That way, your family can be there for you, every step of the way.

Legacy Is a Dependable Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Greensboro NC

No matter what type of therapy you choose, making the decision to commit to recovery is the main goal. Trusting our holistic treatment approach will help you both mentally and emotionally as well as spiritually. Healing starts with the right mindset. At Legacy Freedom, we are here to guide you into that, without pinning you down to a lock-down rehab facility that never lets you visit family.

To learn more about how you can build a personalized plan that will help you recovery from addiction without falling back into old behaviors and habits, contact us.

Addiction isn't something you can overcome in a day. It's also something that you might not be able to handle alone. If you're ready to beat addiction and get back on the path to a happy, healthy life, contact us at Legacy Freedom of Greensboro. We are here to help you with drug or alcohol treatment that will work. Our outpatient programs have a 100% success rate for those committed to recovery. Don't wait. Call our drug and alcohol treatment center in Greensboro NC today and get the help you need. Our counselors are standing by to walk you through recovery and into a life without addiction.

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