GHB Is a Common Date Rape Drug

The Facts About GHB

Gamma Hydroxybutyrate is the scientific name for GHB. GHB is a drug that acts as a depressant on the central nervous system. GHB is a common date rape drug that is popular in the club and rave party scene. Young adults, and teenagers, abuse this drug at parties, bars, clubs and all night dance parties called raves. It's a clear liquid that can easily be slipped into beverages. If the GHB is poured directly into an alcoholic beverage, the effects of the drug are made stronger. GHB is easy to overdose on and almost 70% of its users report loss of consciousness. Other bad side effects include nausea, hallucinations, severe sweating, brief amnesia, and coma in extreme situations. If you, or someone you know has a problem with the party scene, we can help change your life for the better. Our drug and alcohol treatment centers in Columbus OH, Raleigh or Charlotte NC offer the best in holistic treatment programs to help you recover. We want you to be able to live a normal life. Call Legacy Freedom today to learn more.

What Are the Common Street Names of GHB?

GHB goes by several street names. Here are the most common ones: Liquid X, Liquid Ecstasy, Ooop, Gamma O, G, Liquid G and many others.

How is GHB Abused?the best drug and alcohol treatment center in columbus OH

GHB is typically taken as an odorless, colorless liquid that may be combined with, or without alcohol. This drug is most often taken orally. It is commonly used as a date rape drug. It can act pretty quickly on unsuspecting victims and often leads to a sexual assault. GHB usually has a salty, or even soapy taste. When given to a victim, they are oftentimes rendered unconscious by the drug's heavy sedative effects and cannot resist an assault of a sexual nature. GHB can also induce amnesia making it hard for victims to be able to identify their attacker.

GHB can also be abused by those obsessed with muscle building. Some in the body building community have abused GHB for its fat reducing and anabolic effects.

GHB is typically produced in illegal labs and can be bought in the streets, in some gyms and over the Internet in either a liquid or white powdered form. GHB is made by using lye, drain cleaner,GBL, and industrial floor stripping solvents. Since it is an illegal product produced in clandestine labs, the drug is also oftentimes diluted with other harmful chemicals that can make it even more toxic on the body. This process allows dealers to have more product to sell.

Is GHB Illegal or Legal?

GHB is an illegal drug. In fact, way back in 1990, the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, ruled GHB as unsafe and illegal. There are some exceptions to its use. These situations must be FDA-approved, and under physician supervision. GHB was placed on the Schedule I list of the Controlled Substances Act in March of 2000. If you are caught producing, storing, distributing, or using this drug then you will face hefty legal fines and consequences.

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