Gastric Bypass Lowers Alcohol Tolerance

Drug Rehabilitation in Greensboro NCAs you’ve probably heard from numerous sources, gastric bypass surgery helps those who need to lose weight for medical reasons lose pounds more quickly than traditional diet and exercise. It’s an option for people that need to lose 100 or more pounds to help them get better control over certain issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, and other medical conditions that can be dangerous when uncontrolled. If you're in need of quality alcohol and drug rehabilitation in Greensboro NC, please call Legacy Freedom.

Unfortunately, a study done by the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis found that women who choose to have gastric bypass surgery might have a problem with how alcohol is metabolized within their system after surgery.

The study results indicate that changes in how alcohol is metabolized after surgery can speed its delivery into the bloodstream, resulting in earlier and higher peaks in blood-alcohol levels. Studying women who had undergone gastric bypass surgery, the researchers found that those who had consumed the equivalent of two drinks in a short period of time had blood-alcohol contents similar to women who had consumed four drinks but had not had the operation.

Study author, M. Yanina Pepino, PhD, assistant professor of medicine at the Division of Geriatrics and Nutritional Science states that, “The findings tell us we need to warn patients who have gastric bypass surgery that they will experience changes in the way their bodies metabolize alcohol. Consuming alcohol after surgery could put patients at risk for potentially serious problems, even if they consume only moderate amounts of alcohol.”

To learn more about this study, be sure to visit back with our blog soon. Our next post will feature more information. If you've had this surgery, or are considering having it done and are worried that alcohol abuse might become an issue, talk with your doctor about it first.

Also, for those suffering from alcohol abuse now, feel free to contact Legacy Freedom. We are here to offer alternative therapy programs that help you fight cravings and triggers.

Holistic Alcohol And Drug Rehabilitation in Greensboro NC

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