Gaming Disorder to Be Named Mental Health Condition

Charlotte Mental Health ServicesMost of us know someone who spends hours locked away playing video games. These games have a powerful hold on the people who play them. These games are immersive, and for some gamers, they quickly become an addiction. In 2016, researchers from the University of Oxford's Internet Institute began a study to determine the percentage of gamers who are addicted to video games. Do you need Charlotte mental health services in 2018? Call Legacy Freedom today.

Overuse of these games can hurt your mental health. The Oxford study confirmed what many researchers already suspected. The potential for a mental health problem exists, and it is being added to the Internation Classification of Diseases diagnostic manual. When the World Health Organization publishes its eleventh edition this year, internet gaming disorder will be listed as a serious mental health condition.

While the exact wording of the listing has not been revealed yet, the draft for the listing outlines the criteria which patients must meet to determine that they have a gaming disorder. Symptoms of the disorder include withdrawal symptoms, antisocial behavior, and anxiety. Researchers wanted to find out just exactly how addicted gamers were. What they found was that 10% of gamers admitted to spending 12 to 24 hours playing games. While this does not give a definitive link between adverse effects on health and the potential addiction of users to their games it does produce clear evidence that internet gaming disorder is a problem.

Quality Charlotte Mental Health Services for 2018

If you struggle to put down the controller or can't stop thinking about your next game session, Legacy Freedom of Charlotte can help. Our holistic approach to mental health care has helped thousands of clients break their unhealthy behaviors and work through their mental health problems to live a happier and more productive life.

Getting to the root of your anxiety, antisocial behavior, or the need to game continuously can help you overcome these challenges. Together with your care team, you will create a plan of treatment that focuses on your individualized needs and goals. By combining traditional talk and group therapy with alternative therapies our facility offers you comprehensive treatment that won't take you away from work, your family, or your social life.

Alternative therapies like inner child work, aromatherapy, EMDR, and equine assisted therapy are utilized as ways to help you treat the underlying causes and conditions that may be impacting your behavior and your mental health. Turning to addictive behaviors like gaming as a way to cope with stress and anxiety is unhealthy. Your care team will help you learn new coping strategies that will be healthy and provide you with a way to set definite boundaries in your life.

Want to know more about what makes Legacy Freedom different? Learn more about our holistic approach to Charlotte mental health services on our blog and browse information about our more than ten different alternative treatment approaches. We invite you to call or click to chat with our care team to find out how our unique approach to mental health care can help you break your addiction to internet gaming.

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