Having a Fun and Sober Spring Break, continued.

greensboro NC drug rehabWelcome back! We are here with more fun ideas that will help you stay sober during spring break. We know how hard it can be not to conform to peer pressure and the traditional spring break that consists mostly of a beach, sleeping late and partying all night. You might feel pressured to do this, as it's something that most of your friends will do, but don't assume you can't have a nice, exciting week without substance abuse!

We are here to offer you more ideas that will not only help you plan the best spring break, but also plan one that's safe and sober! If you missed our previous blog, visit back with it soon! If your son or daughter could benefit from Greensboro NC drug rehab, then do the right thing and call Legacy Freedom today! We can help!

Having a Fun and Sober Spring Break

Road Trip to a Concert
Are you a big fan of music? Choose a concert you'd like to attend and invite a few friends to road trip with you to its location! Whether it's two hours or five hours away, make it an overnight trip. Choose a city that you've never been to and explore while you're there!

Spend the Week with Family
This might be the last idea you'd ever have, considering you're a college kid, ready to get away from family life for a while. But, for those that rarely see their parents and siblings, a week at home might be the best break for you. You can plan to sleep in, catch up on homework and have some quality family time, right at home. It's not for everyone, but those that choose this spring break will enjoy every minute of it!

Be Creative
There are no rules that say you have to go on an actual trip during spring break. Why not consider relaxing the whole week? Or, you could visit a theme park nearby. Taking a few day trips to museums or other destinations in the area can be just as fun and exciting as taking off for a whole week. Don't worry about what others are doing. Make yourself happy. Be creative, stay sober and have as much fun as possible doing whatever it is that makes you happy!

We hope these tips help you have a fun and sober spring break! Don't worry about what others think! Be happy and safe doing things you're most comfortable with! If you missed our previous blog post, be sure to visit back with it. You'll find more fun, sober ideas to do on spring break!

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