Five Behaviors that Can Impact Your Happiness

Charlotte Mental HealthDo you find yourself caught in a cycle of behaviors that leave you feeling unhappy or unfulfilled? Many people engage in behaviors or habits that reduce the joy in their lives. These self-defeating practices leave you feeling miserable and detached from the people and the world around you. Taking control of these behaviors and interrupting the cycle of these misery making behaviors can help you live a happier and more fulfilling life. These are the five behaviors that can harm your happiness. Legacy Freedom provides excellent Charlotte mental health services. Call us now to learn more.

  1. Failing to Express Your Needs
    Many of us are uncomfortable expressing when someone else does or says something that makes us feel unhappy. As a result, you find yourself evaluating the situation that is making you unhappy rather than expressing what you need to feel happier at that moment. Instead of focusing on telling your mother that she is interfering or accusing your partner of being selfish try increasing your happiness by addressing the situation in a positive way. Saying something like "When you (fill in the blank) I feel...". Then communicate what would improve your happiness rather than assigning blame to the person and allowing the unhappiness you feel to fester.
  2. Pleasing Others
    Going out of your way to give people your time and energy can be a good thing when it pleases you too. However, if you find yourself doing for others just to make them happy, you are putting your own happiness on the line. The building resentment you feel has the power to destroy relationships and leave you feeling anything but positive. Instead, opt to give freely when it brings you joy and hold back when it doesn't.
  3. Accepting Critical Self-Talk
    Stop listening to that inner voice that is impeding your happiness. Rather than speaking the truth, your inner voice reflects your discomfort with new situations or people and about yourself. Recognize that the reason your inner voice becomes critical is that you are about to leave your comfort zone. Silence this voice by regularly stepping outside your natural boundaries.
  4. Failing to Try Something New
    Using excuses to justify not trying something new can hold you back from happiness. While adopting a new behavior can be scary, you don't know if you'll enjoy something or be good at it until you try it. Making excuses that you don't have the time or telling yourself you will fail limits the opportunities you have to improve your life and increase your happiness. Instead, when you find yourself on the verge of making an excuse, identify why you are feeling uncomfortable and work through those feelings to allow yourself to try something new.
  5. Postponing Tasks
    Procrastination puts your happiness on hold. That nagging feeling of things left undone erodes your joy and your well-being. Instead, tackle projects, tasks, or chores that you don't enjoy first so that you can exert control over those things on your to-do list that bring you anxiety or make you uncomfortable. As a result, your happiness will increase.

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