Final Installment of Mental Health Red Flags

Counselor in Columbus, OHAs we wrap up our series on mental health red flags, it is important to note that not all changes in behavior are indicative of a mental health issue. In order for your friend or loved one to have a mental health issue, the behavior needs to follow a pattern or reoccur over a period of time. If you believe that the threats your loved one is making towards themselves or someone else are real, seeking help right away is advised. While having the discussion about mental health with someone you love or care about can be uncomfortable, starting the conversation may be exactly what they need to seek the help and care they deserve. Every mental illness is treatable, and everyone deserves dignified and compassionate care. Tired of searching for an affordable mental health counselor in Columbus, OH? Make the call to Legacy Freedom today to get the help you need!

While this may not seem like an indicator of mental illness, the reality is that when indecisiveness is accompanied by mood swings and trouble concentrating this could be an early warning sign for mental health problems or anxiety diagnosis. No need to worry if you can't decide what to have for lunch or which movie to see at the cineplex, that is normal. The cause for concern comes in when indecision isĀ  accompanied by other symptoms.

Difficulty Sleeping
Sleep is essential for your health both mentally and physically. Not feeling the need to sleep at night can be an indicator that your loved one is struggling with bipolar disorder. Waking up early or having trouble falling asleep can be an indicator of depression. Feel like you could sleep all day? Your depression may be worse than you realize. Experts agree that the most classic physical symptom of a mental illness is a sleep disturbance.

High or Low Sex Drive

Like sleep, your libido is a good barometer for your mental health. Feel like you can't get enough? Those who experience manias which are common with mental health disorders like bipolar and schizophrenia often report drastic swings in their sex drive. However, those who struggle to show interest in sex, feel unattractive, are exhausted and don't want to be touched may be experiencing depression. Swings either way that happen frequently are worth noting and paying attention to.

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Affordable Mental Health Counselor in Columbus, OH

When it comes to caring for your mental health, finding a provider you can trust can be a daunting task. See our previous post on how to choose a therapist for help selecting the right mental health professional for you. If you've tried traditional mental health treatments and have had some success but haven't found the perfect fit for you, Legacy Freedom of Columbus can help.

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