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At Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers, we offer the best holistic treatment experience for you, your family and anyone that has a substance abuse issue. We specialize in drug and alcohol treatment and our holistic, outpatient drug rehab Columbus OH facility is the perfect place for your loved ones to recover. We want to help you if you're ready to help yourself. Please call Legacy Freedom today to get the help you need and deserve. Today, we are going to discuss some common facts about ketamine, otherwise known as Special K.

What Is Special K?

Special K is the leading street name for ketamine. Ketamine is a general anesthetic that is powerful enough to stop pain for animals as well as humans. The effects of ketamine do not last that long but they can pack a big punch. Users report paralysis type feelings in the body and muscles, a distorted and confusing reality, along with sensations of floating. Some users say they feel like their mind and body have become detached leaving them incapable of moving.

If users take too much of the drug they can enter into a state of what is referred to as a K-Hole. Ketamine abusers say this phase feels like they are having a near-death experience, complete with vision and sound hallucinations. These "trips" can last anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. The after-effects of entering into a K-Hole may be felt for several hours after the drug finally wears off. Users take ketamine by snorting it most of the time, but it can also be taken orally and injected.

The post drug effects can consist of panic attacks, irritability and agitation, confusion, and a foggy memory. Long term abuse of ketamine can lead to short and long term memory loss, depression and serious health problems. Abdominal pains are often referred to as "K-Cramps". Heavy abusers can suffer from major urinary tract problems. Bladder and kidney infections can be common. Urinating can be very painful, and sometimes the bladder has to be removed completely. Injecting the drug can damage the veins, cause blood clots and create serious abscesses. These are swollen areas of tissue that are full of pus and are easily infected. Sharing needles can increase the risks of infection with HIV and hepatitis C and B.

Mixing Special-K with Alcohol and Other Substances

Mixing high doses of ketamine and other substances can be extremely dangerous. This is especially true when taken with heavy depressants like alcohol, benzodiazepines and opiates. Combined, these drugs can depress your respiratory system and can affect the way your heart works. If you fall unconscious and vomit, you can choke and die. Ketamine combined with drugs like ecstasy, cocaine or amphetamines can cause high blood pressure.

Ketamine and the Legal System

Ketamine is a Class B drug. This means that having the drug on hand for yourself, giving it away or selling the drug can get you in big trouble. Possessing it can lead to up to five years in prison along with an unlimited fine if you get caught by the police. Selling, or even giving it to your friends can get you fourteen years of jail time along with an unlimited fine.

Legacy Freedom Drug Rehab Columbus OH Treatment Centers

At Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers, we offer new and exciting holistic experiences instead of the normal alcohol and drug rehab Columbus OH programs. If you, or someone you love and care about is suffering from addiction issues, we can help. Call us today to learn more about how our amazing holistic programs can help rebuild you and your family. Turn over a new leaf with Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers.

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