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GHB has been in the news a lot lately. Just recently, a college fraternity was been suspended because of GHB problems. This is a serious drug, used commonly in date rape situations. Because of the recent uptick in GHB news, we wanted to share some more information about the drug so you know how to protect yourself. Is your child hooked on club drugs, alcohol, or other substances? Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers can help. We offer a holistic drug rehab Columbus OH facility that uses alternative treatment options for substance abuse instead of using another type of drug that leaves patients with a crutch. Call us to learn more.

The Chemistry

In the brain, GHB attacks two specific receptor sites: the GABAB and the GHB receptors. The drugs overload these two brain receptor sites and this creates the heavy impairment we see in users and victims. GHB is absorbed quickly in the liver but not a lot of it is excreted. Scientists report that only about 5% of the consumed amount will be removed in the urine.

What Are the Health Hazards Due to GHB Use

GHB has many negative side effects. These include excessive sweating, then nausea and vomiting, followed by headaches and hallucinations, exhaustion and sluggishness, then confusion and sudden amnesia. GHB also makes 69 percent of its users lose consciousness. This is how date rape occurs. The clumsiness qualities associated with GHB can get you seriously injured as you may fall down stairs or wander out into traffic.

If regularly abused, GHB can become addictive. Users report withdrawal symptoms of nightly insomnia, daily anxiety, tremors, and excessive sweating. The lack of sleep associated with GHB can become severe and incapacitating.

GHB should not be combined with alcohol or other sedatives. Avoid using GHB with barbiturates, opiates, and benzodiazepines. In small doses, combining GHB with these drugs can create excessive vomiting, aspiration and respiratory depression. In higher doses of GHB and combinations of these other drugs, users risk profound seizures, coma, and even death. GHB has a short half life so if you overdose, doctors might have a hard time figuring out the best way to treat you. If you find yourself helping a friend that has overdosed on GHB, make sure to get them to a hospital and keep their airway open so they can breath.

How is GHB Abused?

GHB is typically abused by taking it orally on its own, or mixed with alcoholic drinks. GHB can also come in a powder form to be snorted. Smoking it is rarely practiced.

Do Not Use GHB When Pregnant

If you know that you are pregnant, please stay away from using GHB and other drugs that can harm your unborn child. If you are a pregnant woman, or are trying to get pregnant, and have a substance abuse problem, please seek immediate help from a health care professional.

Holistic Drug Rehab Columbus OH Services | Legacy Freedom

Legacy Freedom offers holistic drug rehab Columbus OH services with nurturing counselors that understand your addiction needs. We know what it takes to get you back into a sober lifestyle. We don't believe in opiate replacement, or using other drugs to treat drug and alcohol abuse. We want you to manage your life without the drug crutches. We help you learn new positive coping skills so you can live a normal life. If you have an alcohol addiction issue, a problem with pain pills, GHB, or other substances, please give us a call for the help you deserve. Get the help your family deserves. Why not take a right step toward recovery and call us today? You could be saving your own life or the life of a loved one.

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