What To Expect With Opiate Withdrawal

Legacy Freedom is a holistic center for drug rehab Raleigh NC patients seeking help for opiate addiction, withdrawal, or other alcohol and substance abuse issues. Our outpatient facility offers alternatives to opiate replacement therapy because we do not believe in treating a substance abuse problem with another type of addictive drug that keeps patients in an addiction pattern. If you want to beat an opiate addiction, do not try to go through recovery alone. Make sure to seek the help of a trained professional.

With an opiate addiction, it can take your body several weeks to recover to a drug-free state. As it starts to detoxify, the side effects can be severe, and even deadly. Depending on your level of drug dependence, within the first few hours to a few days, you're probably going to encounter some of the following symptoms:Drug Rehab Raleigh NC | Opiate Withdrawal - Complications

    Severe agitation
    Heavy anxiety
    Aching muscles and bones
    Runny eyes and nose
    Sleeping problems
    Constant sweating

From here, addicts going through withdrawal will continue to suffer from the above symptoms, and will also have to deal with the following as things start to get worse:

    Harsh nausea
    Severe abdominal cramping
    Constant diarrhea
    Dilated pupils
    Lots of vomiting
    Relentless chills

In some cases where addicts have an extreme addiction to opiates, withdrawal symptoms can bring on intense hallucinations, seizures and even death. For this reason alone, it is best to seek the help of a trained professional instead of trying to quit an opiate addiction cold turkey. If you, or someone you love has a problem with opiates, alcohol, or another form of substance abuse, our holistic facility for drug rehab Raleigh NC patients can help your loved one get back on the right track. Call us today and ask us about our methadone free treatment programs.

One of the biggest problems with quitting cold turkey without the help of a professional is that addicts run a much higher risk of relapsing. While some are in the detox stage, they start out strong but then cannot handle the drug sickness. Trying to kick an opiate addiction can change a person. Some will reach a point where they will do anything to get the drug. That might mean hurting a stranger, someone they love, or themselves. Drug sickness from an opiate addiction can make people do even crazier things than you had ever dreamed.

These types of relapses are really dangerous as they can put lots of people at risk. Legacy Freedom has an outpatient facility for drug rehab Raleigh NC where addicts can get the help they need to overcome their opiate addiction. We'll show you how feeling this bad is normal because your body is detoxifying. With our help, we can keep you from relapsing. One of the biggest dangers from relapsing at this point is that your tolerance levels can dramatically drop, even after a few days. If a user does not account for this, an overdose can result and be fatal.

Drug Rehab Raleigh NC | Legacy Freedom | Opiate Addiction Help

At Legacy Freedom, we offer the best drug rehab Raleigh NC services for the city and the surrounding communities. If you need help with a substance abuse problem, call us today. We use the best holistic and alternative treatments to get you back to being sober. We want you to live life without a substance problem holding you back. Our outpatient facility is ready to help you, whenever you are ready to finally help yourself. Take the first step in the right direction for recovery by calling us today. Get the help you, and your family deserves.

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