Everyday Things That Impact Your Mental Health

Mental Health Therapist in Raleigh, NCWith the new year in full swing, many people are turning their attention to their health and well being. Across the country, gyms are filling up, and people are walking or biking to work to improve their physical health. However, many people overlook their mental health when it comes to focusing on getting healthy in the new year. What people fail to realize is that mental health is just as important as physical health. Like with your physical health, many factors can impact how mentally healthy you are. If you need to speak with a qualified mental health therapist in Raleigh, NC in 2018, call Legacy Freedom.

We all know that losing a loved one, friend, job, or spouse can spur depression, but did you know that everything from your sleeping habits to how much exercise you get in a day can impact your mental health? Experts have found that your daily life has a more significant impact on your mental health than you may realize. Your New Year's resolution to get to the gym every day or get out of debt may have a more significant impact on your life than you imagined. Here's a look at the things in your life that impact your mental health in surprising ways.

Sleep: Getting eight hours every night is a challenge for most people. Between work, family, and social demands, getting to bed on time and getting enough sleep is one area where nearly everyone falls short. Researchers at Harvard Health found that 50% of psychiatric patients reported having sleep issues. Sleep disturbances are reported by more than one-third of Americans. Without adequate sleep, you are more likely to eat poorly, have difficulty focusing, experience mood swings, and you may feel more clumsy.

Exercise: Those who sit all day or who lead a mostly sedentary lifestyle are at a higher risk for anxiety and depression according to a study conducted at Johns Hopkins. While feeling anxious or depressed can make it hard to get up and get moving, experts have touted the mood-boosting benefits of exercise for decades. Activity increases your brain's production of endorphins which release feel-good chemicals into your body. Physical activity has a positive impact on your physical health and it can improve your mental health as well.

Coping Strategies: Whether you've had a tough day at work or you're dealing with relationship or family stress, how you cope with these situations has a huge impact on your mental health. If you choose positive coping mechanisms like talking with a friend, taking a walk, hitting the gym, or reflecting through meditation or yoga, you're more likely to be in a positive and healthy mental state. However, if you opt to cope with these challenges through drinking to excess, smoking, or taking drugs your mental and physical health is at risk due to the tendencies of these substances to increase feelings of anxiety and depression.

Money: Financial stress has been shown to have one of the biggest impacts on people's happiness and mental health. The stress and anxiety that accompany financial woes can contribute to numerous mental health problems including depression, eating disorders, and PTSD. Improving your financial situation so you can improve your lifestyle and environment can be difficult. Taking control of your finances with help from a financial professional can help you get these negative feelings under control and improve your mental health.

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