Essential Oils and Anxiety

Therapy in Raleigh, NCWith more and more people becoming concerned about the side effects of pharmaceuticals there has been an increased interest in the use of essential oils to treat everything from headaches to anxiety. Many people question whether these oils have the power to deliver on all the hype that they receive. The American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS) took a closer look at the use of essential oils and there effect on those who suffer from anxiety.

The ACHS found that three oils have been shown by researchers to have mood boosting properties that can help alleviate anxiety. Clary sage, bergamot, and lavender all have scents that trigger feelings of calm and balance. Short exposure to these scents, even as little as ten minutes a week, produced a reduction in stress and anxiety in study participants. Here's what you need to know about these oils. Call Legacy Freedom to learn more about our holistic programs for anxiety therapy in Raleigh, NC.


One of the most easily recognizable scents, lavender essential oil has been used for everything from anxiety relief to promoting sleep to natural pest control around the home. In a French study of lavender essential oils, participants showed a reduced production of serum cortisol. Produced in the brain, serum cortisol is tied directly to the body's response to stress and anxiety. By exposing study participants to the oil through aromatherapy once a day the levels of serum cortisol that were produced were substantially reduced, likely reducing participants' feelings of anxiety and stress.


This potent citrus oil has been shown to boost mood in numerous scientific studies. Adding the oil to hand massages given to hospice patients in a 2014 study resulted in all participants reporting elevated mood and decreased pain. Bergamont was also used in a Taiwanese study which focused on the stress and anxiety of school teachers. An inhalation of bergamot for 10 minutes a week triggered a significant reduction in heart rate and blood pressure. Measurements of autonomic nervous activity after these sessions showed that the levels were closer towards a balanced state.

Clary Sage

A 2013 study showed that clary sage reduced stress in female participants. It has been well documented for its uplifting effects in other studies. Adding clary sage to aromatherapy treatments on a routine basis can be beneficial for improving feelings of anxiety and depression.

Other widely used oils for anxiety include chamomile, frankincense, vetiver, ylang ylang and rose. All of these oils have stress and anxiety relieving properties when used alone or in combination. Aromatherapy has been proven effective in many therapeutic settings. Our sense of smell is tied to powerful emotional responses which can also elicit memory recall. These are two key elements for regulating feelings of stress, anxiety and even depression.

Affordable Holistic Anxiety Therapy in Raleigh, NC

Alternative therapies like aromatherapy are used in conjunction with traditional talk therapy and group therapy at Legacy Freedom of Raleigh as part of our holistic approach to mental health. With more than ten alternative programs for anxiety therapy in Raleigh, NC is available. Your care team will help you choose the most effective treatment to meet your needs and your therapy goals. Learn more about our wide variety of treatment options here on our blog or on our website.

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