The Early Recovery Emotional Roller Coaster

alcohol rehab in Raleigh NCOne of the stages of getting help for a substance abuse problem is early recovery, and it can be one of the toughest. It will produce physical, mental and emotional distress that can seem overwhelming. One of the experiences many newly sober people have are mood swings. They can feel like they are on an emotional roller coaster of highs and lows. These extreme emotions can be caused by several different factors.

We’ll take a look at a few of them below. Are you searching for drug and alcohol rehab in Raleigh NC? Legacy Freedom can help you! Call today to learn more about our Raleigh treatment options.

The Ups and Downs of Early Recovery

Emotions that were numbed aren’t anymore.
When people turn to drugs or alcohol, it's often to avoid dealing with personal issues. This coping mechanism can lead to an abuse problem if they never address their issues. Using drugs or alcohol to escape can become the only way they know to cope with their problems. When someone becomes sober, the problems are still there and the emotions associated with them are no longer being numbed with alcohol or drugs. It can be overwhelming to feel emotions again after not having felt them. They are still there and they will have to be dealt with at some point.

Recovery means giving up old ways.
Early recovery also means that a lot of change is occurring. People who give up drugs or alcohol often have to give up their lifestyle, friends and other things that can hinder their recovery as well. It can be hard to stop talking to old friends or stop going to a favorite hangout spot. Making new friends and finding new activities is important in the recovery process, but it can also cause someone to feel stressed out and overly emotional.

Physical withdrawal can be hard.
It takes time for the body to learn to function without drugs or alcohol. Withdrawal symptoms such as fatigue, upset stomach, and insomnia can cause emotional distress because they can interfere with regular life. Someone in recovery should be sure to take care of their health so that the physical symptoms will subside. Getting enough nutrition from healthy food and/or vitamins, plus regular exercise can help.

Recovery means asking for forgiveness.
Part of recovery is accepting past mistakes and asking for forgiveness in order to heal. This can be a difficult and emotional process that can cause a lot of heartache and tears. It can also produce feelings of anger and resentment as well as guilt. The range of emotions one can feel can span the spectrum from happy to sad. It’s healthy and part of the healing process. For some people asking for forgiveness from those that they may have hurt can help in the recovery process.

If the emotional roller coaster ever becomes too much to bear, get help from your treatment center, therapist or sponsor. While it is normal to feel a range of emotions during the recovery process, if it begins to feel too overwhelming, talk to someone. If you ever have suicidal thoughts, get help immediately.

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