How Your Dog Improves Your Mental Health

Charlotte NC Mental Health ServicesDog owners don’t deny that their pet gives them joy, but did you know that your dog could be good for your mental health? Studies have shown that owning a dog helps reduce anxiety, depression, and stress. Dog ownership has also been linked to lower rates of loneliness and can encourage people to be more playful and to get more exercise. Let's take a closer look. Do you need Charlotte NC mental health services? Call Legacy Freedom.

One of the biggest reasons that dogs have such an impact on their owners is that they satisfy the human need for touch. Playing with your dog can elevate the levels of dopamine and serotonin in your body. These two powerful brain chemicals help you calm down and relax. Your dog also requires you to get out and walk, play, or run. Exercise is your body’s natural mood booster.

Your dog can also help you make healthy lifestyle changes like:

Helping you meet new people. Whether you are on the hiking trail or watching your dog run off leash at the dog park, connecting with other dog owners can help you beat feelings of loneliness. Thanks to your dog you'll have opportunities to start and maintain new friendships.

Increase your physical activity. Did you know that dog owners are more likely to meet the daily requirements for physical activity than those who don’t have a pet? Getting out and getting moving helps eradicate behavior problems in your dog and keeps your pet fit and healthy. The physical benefits to you include lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Routine exercise also improves your cardiovascular health.

Reducing your anxiety levels. Your dog lives in the moment, unconcerned about what happened yesterday and what will happen today. If you find that you are anxious about going out in the world your dog can help boost your self-confidence and make engaging in social situations easier.

Holistic Charlotte NC Mental Health Services

At Legacy Freedom Charlotte, we know that living with anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder can be a challenge. Our holistic approach to mental health care can help you find new ways to cope with the negative thoughts and feelings that cause you to feel anxious, stressed, or depressed. By combining traditional talk therapy with alternative treatment methods our care team can tailor your plan of care to meet your individual needs, goals, and interests.

With more than ten alternative therapies to choose from our clients can learn multiple ways to manage the negative thoughts and feelings that trigger your mental health issues. As your treatment progresses you and your therapy team will work together to get to the root of your mental health challenges. We have helped thousands of clients learn new ways to cope with the stresses and pressures of daily life. If walking your dog or taking time to play with him isn’t helping your mental health any longer, the time to seek help from Legacy Freedom is now.

Call or click today to connect with our care team and begin your confidential and compassionate mental health care at center for Charlotte NC mental health services!



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