Learning About Depression from Janet Jackson

Raleigh NC depression therapyPop superstar, actress, mother, and icon Janet Jackson is known for her confident and outlandish onstage persona. However, in a recent article she penned for ESSENCE magazine, Jackson shares a very candid description of her own struggle with depression. The 52 year old delves into some significant personal issues that have impacted her mental health throughout her lifetime. While she may seem to have it all, the underlying private struggles have made it difficult for Jackson to enjoy her success. Need the best Raleigh NC depression therapy? Let Legacy help you. Call now!

Depression and low self-esteem have been present in her life since childhood. The midriff-baring singer was disappointed with the way she looked as a child and struggled with body image issues. Jackson shares that she wished someone would have told her that being chubby was the least important thing in the world. Her negative feelings about her weight and her appearance gave way to intense feelings of depression. The roots of these body image issues and her powerful depression can be traced back to the impossibly high standards set in the Jackson home. She also identifies the culture of sexism and racism that she grew up with as having helped form her opinion of herself.

Even as her career skyrocketed and she achieved megastar success, Jackson struggled with her negative body image and low self-esteem. The negative feelings and thoughts would keep resurfacing, well into her 40s. Instead of focusing on the events that made her happy, Jackson turned her thoughts to the failed relationships she had and saw them as largely her fault. For her, happiness was elusive.

Now a mother to a young son, Jackson has finally found her purpose and her happiness. For her, the pinnacle of happiness isn’t being on stage in front of thousands of screaming fans or winning a Grammy award, it's found in the soft coos of her infant son and gazing into his eyes. When she sings him to sleep or when she kisses him she feels happiness everywhere.

Holistic Raleigh NC Depression Therapy

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