How Not Treating Your Depression Can Impact Your Children

depression therapy in Raleigh, NCBeing a parent is a 24/7 job. Your children depend on you to teach them, love them, and help them grow into happy, healthy, and well-adjusted adults. However, when you are a parent who is struggling with depression the hopelessness and despair that you feel can impact your children and their well-being. During your dark times, it can be hard to take care of yourself let alone your children but leaving your depression untreated can have significant impacts on their mental and emotional health. For the best depression therapy in Raleigh, NC, call Legacy Freedom.

The More You Know

These are the five ways that your untreated depression can impact your children:

You're Not Parenting. You're Surviving
Your kids need you to be present and to parent them. If you are unable to get out of bed to make dinner, help with homework, or you find yourself continually yelling at your child, then you are impacting your child's sense of self-worth. Your depression, if left unmanaged, doesn't allow you to be the parent you want to be or that your children deserve.

Home Isn't Safe
As a result of your inability to function around the house as a parent and caregiver, your child or children are forced to care for themselves and each other. Suffering needlessly and being forced to grow up quickly because of your depression isn't fair to them. Laundry doesn't get done, dinners don't get made, and your child's needs aren't being met. Neglecting your child due to your depression leaves them vulnerable and makes them unsafe.

Kids Play the Blame Game
Children believe that anything that happens in their world is a result of their actions. Many children who have a depressed parent think that it is their fault or that they caused their parent's depression. They internalize your sad feelings and try to understand how their actions caused you to be so blue.

Your Mood Impacts Theirs
Children who live with a depressed parent can exhibit insecure, aggressive, or anxious behaviors. Depressed parents have a direct impact on their child's mood and their actions. When you act in an aggressive, ambivalent, tired, sad, or angry way, your child begins to mimic these behaviors and attitudes.

Relationship Instability
When parents aren't getting along, there is nothing scarier for a child. You and your partner are what provide the foundation for your child's growth and stability. When depression makes your relationship rocky and feeling helpless leaves you feeling angry and frustrated, the difficulties between you and your spouse are magnified. Your children then begin to internalize the issues between the two of you as a result of their behaviors.

Outpatient Depression Therapy In Raleigh, NC for 2018

Stop letting your untreated depression impact your children. Legacy Raleigh has helped thousands of clients overcome depression and learn new ways to cope with holistic mental health care. By combining traditional depression therapy in Raleigh, NC with alternative treatment methods, our care team creates a mental health care experience that is unique to you and your needs. Don't wait to take care of your mental health. Being a parent is one of the most important jobs you will ever have.

Call or click to connect with our care team today and learn how you can leave your depression behind and get back to being present for your family. Don't wait! They depend on you!

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