Depression During Pregnancy

Raleigh, NC depression treatmentMany women envision themselves glowing with anticipation at the arrival of their baby. Whether it's baby number one or baby number four, mothers-to-be are expected to be elated about their impending delivery of a new bundle of joy. However, some women are far from joyful during their pregnancy. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) estimates that depression affects between 14 and 23 percent of women during their pregnancy. The problem with depression during pregnancy is that it can be difficult to diagnose and many write it off as just another hormonal imbalance.

Here are the signs you need to know to identify whether you, or someone you love, are struggling with depression during pregnancy. If you need Raleigh, NC depression treatment, please call Legacy Freedom today.

  • Failure to concentrate
  • Persistent anxiety
  • Change in eating habits
  • Feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness or overwhelming sadness
  • Preoccupation with death
  • Insomnia or hypersomnia
  • Loss of interest in the pregnancy, friends, activities or work

These signs should be monitored carefully and treatment is advised in the event they persist for more than two weeks. At Legacy Freedom, we understand that this is an overwhelming time for you. The anxieties, stresses, and pressures that accompany pregnancy can be difficult to cope with. Our expert staff specializes in treating all forms of depression, whether you are currently pregnant, have just delivered, or are trying to conceive.

Reaching out for help during this time can be scary and confusing. Connecting with our care team is easy. A confidential phone call or message is all it takes to get you the help you need for your depression. Many factors can contribute to the way you are feeling. Things like:

  • History of depression
  • Life changes
  • Prior pregnancy loss
  • Issues in your relationship or marriage
  • Treatments for infertility
  • Pregnancy complications
  • PTSD or history of abuse

Getting to the root of your depression is important. Identifying what is causing your depression is what we do here at Legacy Freedom of Raleigh. Our approach is holistic in nature meaning that we treat the whole person, not just the depression. Utilizing a specialized approach to mental health care, we help you heal mind, body, and spirit.

Working together with our registered dietician, we will ensure that you and your baby are receiving the proper nutrition. Gentle physical therapy helps heal the physical aches and pains of depression and get you on track with exercise. Traditional one-on-one and group talk therapy help you understand what's causing your depression. Connecting with others in group sessions allows you to have a supportive network outside our outpatient facility.

Heal your spirit through alternative therapies like tai chi, yoga, aromatherapy or inner child therapy. Learn new coping skills that will help you through the end of your pregnancy and beyond. Together with your care team, you will choose the right therapies to meet your treatment goals and spark your interests.

Affordable Outpatient Raleigh, NC Depression Treatment For Women

If you, or someone you love, are pregnant and struggling with depression or suffering from postpartum depression, help is just a call or a click away. Don't wait. Depression during pregnancy is common and can be treated successfully. Ignoring your depression won't make it go away. Choose to take care of yourself and call or click to connect with one of our care team members today. We offer the best Raleigh, NC depression treatment.

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