Dangers of Pot Poisoning from Edibles

drug rehab in wilmington NCMarijuana use is becoming more common now that over 20 states have legalized it for medical use and five states allow recreational users to smoke it legally. Now that there’s less of a stigma, it’s becoming more commonplace for people to use it.

Unfortunately, with that brings the risk of children having easier access to it, especially if their parents keep it in the home. If you know someone with an addiction to marijuana, call Legacy Freedom of Wilmington. We offer the best outpatient drug rehab in Wilmington NC.

Pot Poisoning Through Edibles

While many see marijuana for medical use as safe, it does pose the risk of overdose. Many people ingest marijuana through edibles rather than smoking it. Edibles are food items that have been cooked or infused with THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. They come in several forms that appeal to children, including brownies, cookies and candy.

Children who find edibles in the home may think they are like any other sweet treat and eat them. Although there has been a push for new legislature to require childproof packaging, it is not required in all states.  It is up to the parents to keep their supply away from their children.

When a child eats a baked good or candy infused with marijuana, the effects are much stronger than they would be for an adult. Edibles often have a higher THC content, and their effects take longer to start and last longer than smoking marijuana. A child will not necessarily feel it for up to half an hour and may continue to eat the pot-laced food until they have consumed a dangerous amount of doses.

Symptoms of marijuana poisoning in a child include:

  1. Excessive sleepiness
  2. Dizziness
  3. Trouble walking
  4. Trouble or slowed breathing
  5. Chest pain
  6. Vomiting

A child who has marijuana poisoning could also lapse into a coma. If you suspect a child has eaten a marijuana food item, call your local emergency service or Poison Help Hotline immediately.  Have the number handy for all emergencies: 1-800-222-1222.

Teenagers are also at risk. According to a 2014 report by the Washington Poison Control Center, exposure incidents among 13-19 year-olds have seen a spike that they say may relate to easier access due to legalization.

Teens may know exactly what they are doing when eating edibles, but they may overdose accidentally. The effects start later than if marijuana is smoked, so many people will eat another dose because they think the first one didn’t do anything.

Even if they don’t get sick from eating too much, it will still impair their coordination and control of their emotions. They may make poor decisions or engage in risky behavior.

The best solution to keeping kids out of a supply of marijuana is to keep it away from them. If a parent uses it for medical reasons it should be treated like any other prescription drug and put in a safe place. There are lock boxes available for prescription drugs that can also help keep a stash of marijuana safe.

If there are edibles in the home, make sure they are treated as drugs. Children and teenagers should be educated on these marijuana-infused items so that they will understand that they are not regular treats and could cause major harm.

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