The Dangers Associated with Alcohol Withdrawal

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Alcohol abusers and other heavy drinkers that try to quit cold turkey are definitely taking a step in the right direction in terms of turning their lives around. Trying to kick a potentially deadly vice, by themselves, is something that should be applauded and celebrated. However, quitting cold turkey can be just as dangerous with drinking as it is with opiates. Alcohol withdrawal syndrome is very real and can create some serious health problems in heavy drinkers because their bodies have grown accustomed to being saturated with alcohol. If you know someone that has a drinking or drug problem, call Legacy Freedom. Our drug and alcohol treatment center in Raleigh NC features the best holistic programs to help you lead a sober life. Call us today for more information.

Once the body of an alcoholic, or heavy drinker, has adapted to regular, large quantities of alcohol, it begins to expect high levels of alcohol all of the time. Because of this, some become physically ill without drinking regularly. Their bodies have formed a chemical dependence on alcohol similar to what happens with opiate addicts. Some heavy drinkers suffer withdrawal symptoms as quickly as a few hours after their last drink, but more often we find symptoms showing around 12 hours after drinking.

The Symptoms

When addicts first get signs of alcohol withdrawal syndrome, they will experience symptoms such as shaky hands, some slight anxiety, excessive sweating, nausea and stomach cramps, vomiting, and trouble sleeping to full blown insomnia. As they drink more and more over the years, these symptoms get worse and may also include hallucinations, seizures, and even DTs or delirium tremens. Delirium tremens is latin for shaking frenzy and can also cause fever, rapid pulse and even confusion. In up to five percent of cases, DTs can even be fatal. If you have symptoms of alcohol withdrawal syndrome, please seek care from your primary care physician or call our drug and alcohol treatment center in Raleigh NC for help. If you have a history of seizures, or have pre-existing health problems like heart or lung disease, you run an even higher risk of these problems.

How It Happens

Alcohol is a drug that acts as a depressant on the central nervous system and affects specific neurotransmitters in the brain. With low doses of alcohol, it can act as a mild stimulant. However, as the bloodstream gets saturated with concentrated high doses, the stimulation turns into sedation. This relaxed, calm state can ultimately turn into a stupor and a blackout. As the years of abuse go by, the heavy drinker will need more and more alcohol just to feel like a normal person. If you cut the drugs off from the body's systems, this will leave the addict feeling terrible and will encourage them to seek out a drink just to feel better. When an addict reaches this stage it is past time to get help. These situations can destroy your family life and cause other big problems such as loss of job, and even loss of freedom if you get arrested driving while impaired (as most alcoholics do).

Legacy Freedom drug and alcohol treatment center in Raleigh NC

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