Coping with the Fear of Losing Someone You Love

When you experience a sudden loss of a loved one, after the anger and the sadness have subsided, the fear sets in. The fear of losing someone you love again may wake you up at night or gnaw at the back of your mind while you try to push through your daily tasks. This is not the regular care and concern that you have for your loved ones. Instead, it is an all-consuming panic that can leave you teetering on the edge of a panic attack at any moment. Depression and anger are also present in these moments, complicating your feelings and making you even more afraid and uncertain.

Anxiety makes you afraid of missing an opportunity or of losing someone you love. Instead of being immobilized by the fear of losing those you love, use it as a catalyst to take action. The more connected you feel to those you love, the less intense the fear of losing them will seem. Spend time with your loved ones, thank them, keep them company, show them you love them, tell them how you feel. By staying connected after a sudden loss, you can help reduce the fear, anxiety, and depression that you feel.

Many who have experienced a sudden loss become preoccupied with the idea that it is too late to express unsaid feelings. However, it is not too late to create new meaning around the relationship you had with the person who has passed or to give new meaning to the relationships that you still have with the influential people in your life. Depression over things left unsaid or unexpressed can leave you feeling isolated and separate from those who love you. The unbreakable bonds between a loved one and yourself and the influence that they have had on your life can help ease the separation you feel from those around you who care.

Anger over the injustice of losing someone you love can also complicate the relationships you have with those who are still here. It is easy to create a world in which your grief makes you feel victimized and as though you don't belong. As a result, you are blind to the love that you have in your life and the people who care about you. The anger, depression, and anxiety can make it seem like it is you vs. them. When you fall into this pattern, you find yourself blind to those who care for you and to your own contributions in relationships.

The caring and compassionate staff at Legacy Freedom know that losing someone you love suddenly is a life-altering event. It is normal to feel depressed, anxious, and angry after a sudden loss. If you find yourself unable to move past these feelings and begin to heal, you may need to talk to one of our expert therapists. Our holistic approach to mental health therapy has helped thousands of clients overcome their feelings of depression, stress, and anger. By combining traditional talk therapy with alternative therapy treatments, we focus on the whole person, not just their mental health needs.

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