Coping with the Stress of Holiday Celebrations with Your Family

Therapy in Asheville, NCThe holidays are quickly on their way. You might be worried about the stress that comes with them as well as having to spend time with family. There are many different reasons why the holidays stress people out. However, there are ways to deal with the stress. Even if your reasons for feeling overwhelmed are different, depending on what celebration you're going through or what you're preparing for, these tips will help. If you need holistic stress therapy in Asheville, NC, call Legacy Freedom.

You're probably already assuming that the holidays are going to be terrible. They'll be the same as last year and you'll end up feeling like you're going crazy. Whatever has happened in the past, forget about it. Change your outlook on how you think this holiday season will go. Instead of assuming that it will be a disaster and overly stressful, think about it in a more positive way. If your aunt typically throws a wrench in Thanksgiving dinner, don't worry about it. Set your mind to happy and relaxed. Instead of letting these things get in your way, consider the fact that in the grand scheme of things they're not really that big of a deal.

If holiday traditions are making you feel overwhelmed and stressed, consider changing the tradition. If it's customary for your family to visit your grandfather's grave on Christmas night, consider how that makes you feel. If it causes you stress or too much sadness, consider lighting a candle for him after dinner instead.

Take time for yourself during the holidays. Don't overdo it and make yourself crazy with obligations. It's important to know that you have to pace yourself. For example, if you typically have five holiday gatherings to attend each season, consider dropping one or two if possible. If you normally spend three or four nights with your parents or in-laws, cut that time in half. Spending time at home, with your significant other, spouse and/or children will help you relax and be more peaceful.

Think about all the things that may trigger your anxiety or stress during the holiday season. Write down a list of everything you think of. We know how important traditions can be for family, but your happiness and overall well-being are important, as well. Once you find what might be triggering your stress during the holidays, you can begin making changes that will help you cope.

Know that things won't change overnight. It will take a while to overcome your holiday stress and anxiety. If you're going to change traditions, give yourself and your family a couple of years to adjust. It won't happen overnight, but starting your changes now will help in the future.

The holiday season can be one filled with joy and happiness. However, it can easily be full of stress and anxiety, as well. Use these tips this year to help you relax and change your expectations. Learn to start new traditions and do things that will help you keep from feeling overwhelmed and unhappy. For more information, or to get help, contact Legacy of Asheville.

Holistic Stress Therapy in Asheville, NC

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