Reasons to Quit Using Drugs

Columbus OH drug rehabDrug use may start out as a recreational activity, but for many it can take over other parts of their lives until it becomes a problem they must address.

Although it may seem obvious to a sober person why quitting drugs should be a priority, when a person is struggling with addiction on a daily basis, the reasons why they need to quit may not be apparent. If you, or someone you love is battling addiction, these reasons for quitting below will help you figure out if our Columbus OH drug rehab is right for you.

Good Reasons to Quit Using Drugs

Your health will improve. Repeated, extended drug use can lead to multiple health problems. Drugs damage your nervous system, heart, and lungs. Intravenous drug users risk exposure to hepatitis C and HIV. Inhalants can cause brain damage due to a lack of oxygen as well as cause liver and kidney damage.

The sooner you stop using drugs, the quicker your body can recover from the damage drugs are doing to your body.

You'll have more money. Drugs are expensive. A heroin addict can spend up to $150 a day on his or her habit. People with additions to painkillers can spend anywhere from $40 up to $300 depending on the type of prescription drug they are buying illegally. You can use the money you’re not spending on drugs to improve your life with experiences that don’t harm you in the long run.

If you’re employed, you won’t risk losing your job. If you use drugs often, you may find yourself calling in sick more than you should. When you do show up for work, you may not be focused enough to do your job. If you go to work under the influence, it’s only a matter of time before someone will notice. If you are fired from your job for your drug use, it will make it more difficult to get another position because you will have to explain why you were let go. If you’re caught with illegal drugs, your employer will probably report you to the police. Then you’ll have a record and no job.

Your relationships will improve. Dealing with drug addiction puts a strain on relationships for two reasons - either you’re trying to hide your drug use from loved ones or you’re constantly under the watch of those who want you to get help. Over time, even people who care about you will not stick around to watch you succumb to your addiction. Getting help now will increase your chance of keeping loved ones in your life.

You can experience life the way it was meant to be experienced. Drugs may have helped you numb the pain or boredom you felt, but they also have blocked other emotions. The high you feel from drugs is chemically induced. It’s not a feeling that was produced from something real and organic. Quitting drugs will result in a period of depression as you go through withdrawal, but focus on your life beyond that when you’re free of drugs and able to feel authentic emotions.

You have no other choice. If you don’t get help, you will end up in jail or dead. There’s no way around it. If you continue to let drugs rule your life, your future is going to be bleak, if you have a future at all. It doesn’t have to be this way if you are willing to get help and have the determination to stick with it. The road will be tough, but you can make it through to the other side.

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