Do you have programs for women?

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Columbus OHIt is a well known fact that women, overall, have special needs. This is especially true when it comes to choosing a drug and alcohol treatment center in Columbus OH. At Legacy Freedom, we understand how gender differences can play a big role in the ways treatment for substance abuse should be outlined. Each patient that we treat has their own unique set of needs, this is why every treatment program we create is customized and tailored to address those individual's needs.

We also pay special attention to the needs of women. We understand that treatment programs that work for men might not always work the same for women. If you are a woman that is searching for a drug and alcohol treatment center in Columbus OH, keep reading to see how we can help you.

Gender-Sensitive Treatment Programs

Substance abuse treatment for women begins with understanding that the gender differences play a critical role in the recovery process. The gender differences also contribute to the development of substance abuse as well. At Legacy Freedom, you can take comfort knowing the core principles of our gender-sensitive treatment programs for substance abuse include:

  • Recognizing the importance of personal relationships in women’s lives.
  • Addressing women's unique health concerns.
  • Acknowledging the socioeconomic issues and differences among women.
  • Developing a strengths-based treatment program for women.
  • Incorporating a multi-optional approach for women.
  • Maintaining a gender-sensitive treatment environment across all settings.

How Substance Use Starts

For women, the reasons for starting their substance abuse can be many, and just as varied as for men. However, some of these factors are more prevalent in women than men. For instance, stress, negative externalities, and relationships can often ignite substance use in women faster than in men. Women are also more susceptible to peer pressure from a boyfriend, family member, or one of the their closest friends as well.

Although there are some genetic predispositions, most of the evidence regarding where substance abuse begins shows it starts with negative familial influences. For instance, some studies have shown that women raised in a home where parental alcohol use is excessive have increased risk factors for alcohol disorders by about 50%.

Other associated factors to addiction can include living in a chaotic, argumentative, and violent household, as well as having to grow up too early and take on the responsibilities of an adult while still at a young age.

Relationships – Women can be particularly affected by relationship problems, as well as the state of their personal relationships. Most women that have substance abuse problems are in codependent relationships with a partner that also has an addiction problem . This is because some women think that sharing an addiction problem is their only way of connecting to their addicted spouse or loved one.

Women that have poor relationship statuses also run a higher risk with potential substance abuse as well. For instance, women that are separated, divorced, or have never been married are at a greater risk of addiction problems than women that are currently married, or married with children. Women that have also been abused, whether it be by a family member or partner, also have a greater risk for substance abuse than their counterparts.

Other Factors – Some of the other reasons women turn to drugs and alcohol is because of depression, eating disorders, heavy anxiety, loss of a child, PTSD, discrimination, socioeconomic status, or even simply for thrill-seeking reasons.

If you are struggling with addiction problems, you are not alone. Continue reading to see how can help you.

Dependable Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Columbus OH For Women

Legacy Freedom Columbus can help you with gentle and holistic substance abuse therapy. We're one of the top outpatient substance abuse treatment centers in Columbus OH, and are sensitive to the specific needs of women. If you are ready to be sober again, call us today. We will do everything we can to help you kick your substance abuse problem.

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