Do you think you need rehab?

alcohol rehab Columbus OHIf you ever have questions about whether or not you need to get admitted for substance abuse issues, please keep reading. Below you will find a few signs to look out for that will help answer your own questions about whether or not you need to get drug and alcohol rehab Columbus OH services for your addiction problems.

Signs You Need Rehab

Withdrawal Symptoms - If you ever find yourself experiencing withdrawal symptoms after you stop using, then you might need to seek medical treatment. Sometimes addicts will refer to withdrawal symptoms as being drug sick. This is because of how crappy they feel when they cannot get drunk or high. Being drug sick is usually associated with nausea, vomiting,  diarrhea, and headaches, along with mood swings, blurred vision, insomnia, shaking and tremors,  and even anxiety, depression, irritability, and even death in some severe cases.

Addicts with opiate abuse problems, even with painkillers like Vicodin or OxyContin, should never attempt to go through sudden withdrawal without medical help. The withdrawal process from opiates can be very severe.

Increasing Health Problems - If your overall well being is suffering, or you have a health condition that is becoming worse because of your substance abuse, then you should seek rehab and medical attention. Research has shown that alcohol, and some drugs can cause liver and heart disease, some types of cancer, heart disease, brain damage, skin and dental problems, and even some psychological problems like schizophrenia.

Loss of Job, Relationships, Money - Another great way to know if you need to get help from a drug and alcohol rehab Columbus OH center is if you have lost your job,  lost all of your money, or have separated or divorced from your spouse or partner. Substance abuse problems can ruin your personal relationships. Some of your closest friends, relatives, and special loved ones might eventually cut you out of their lives because of your constant using or drinking. Plus, all those late nights and hangovers will eventually catch up to you at work. If you miss too much work, or start using on the job, you will probably be fired. Not having a job will have a dramatic effect on your income and your money situation, which can cause even more stress on your relationships.

o as you can see, having a substance abuse problem can cost you a great deal in life, and by the time it is over, your addiction might have cost you thousands of dollars as well.

Dependable Drug And Alcohol Rehab Columbus OH

We understand addiction, and the problems that it can create in  your life. We know addiction can leave you feeling sad, lonely, and even angry at times. Your addiction problems are not something that you have to face alone. No matter how bad it gets, or has become, you can always get drug rehab from Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers. We take a holistic approach to your outpatient recovery instead of locking you inside. We do not want to keep you away from your loved ones. Below you'll find a list of these holistic treatment programs:

We're available to help you in your time of need, day or night. Legacy Freedom is not like other drug and alcohol rehab Columbus OH centers.  Please call us today today, and let us help you get back on track to a happier, healthy, drug free life.


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