Do you offer long-term treatment plans?

Columbus OH alcohol rehab centerDo you have a long-term recovery plan for dealing with the problems in your life after you have completed your addiction treatment? If you do not come up with a plan to deal with the everyday aspects of your life after your formal treatment has ended, your recovery process will be a lot harder than it really has to be.

When regular treatment ends, your real journey begins. As soon as you've been discharged from our Columbus OH alcohol rehab center, you'll be starting a brand new life. Re-adapting to the world will be different and difficult.

Let Legacy Freedom of Columbus help. We offer long-term continuing support for as long as you need it. If you need follow-up care, or other outpatient monitoring, in order to help you stay on track with a clean and sober lifestyle, you can depend on Legacy to be there every step of the way. Just know that before you graduate, we will work with each and every one of you to create a long-term relapse prevention plan. This way, life after addiction treatment will be a lot easier for you to deal with.

Is Ongoing Support Important in Recovery?

Yes, you will need ongoing support for your substance abuse problem for the rest of your life. Your addiction problem will stay with you forever. That is why Legacy Freedom offers therapy that help you learn why you became addicted in the first place.

We try to get down to the root causes of your addiction and work with you to fix those problems. This type of technique will help us understand the best way to help you manage your cravings, deal with stress, and live a healthier lifestyle.

When you choose Legacy Freedom for your Columbus OH alcohol rehab center of choice, we get sober again with holistic outpatient programs. We will work with you on an individual basis to find the best type of current treatment, and ongoing care, that will be best for you and your family to engage in. Our professional counselors can help you come up with a particular schedule that will guarantee a certain amount of structure for your life on a daily, weekly, and even yearly basis.

One of the most critical times for your ongoing treatment will be the first few months after you graduate. If you do not maintain the right kind of structure, you will have to manage an overload of free time. Too much free time can lead to bad habits and relapse. This is why you should look for work, attend school, or pick up a few hobbies after graduating from our treatment center. This will make dealing with personal and social situations easier since many graduates may not be confident he or she can handle everything independently. We can help you with all of these important steps. Continue reading on how Legacy Freedom can even help you further.

Holistic Columbus OH Alcohol Rehab Center | Legacy Freedom

Let Legacy Freedom help you recover from the addiction problems that are ruining your life. We offer a holistic approach to recovery in an outpatient manner to make recovery as fun as possible.

We also want you to live life without a crutch for your addiction. That is one of the main reasons we do not use drugs to treat substance abuse. Our programs for addiction really work and we have the personal journey stories from real patients to back them up. If you are ready to get the help you deserve - if you are ready to finally make a positive life change, call us today and take a step toward sobriety. Our Columbus OH alcohol rehab center is here to help you night or day.


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