What Is Holistic Addiction Treatment?

Columbus OH Drug and Alcohol Treatment CenterIn today's world, especially in the United States, drug and alcohol abuse is all too common. At our our Columbus OH drug and alcohol treatment center, we see addiction plaguing people from all walks of life. Old, young, rich or poor ... this condition doesn't care who you are, or where you came from. It affects people differently and that's why those seeking treatment will need to choose a facility that has many options that can lead them to a full recovery. Addiction centers can be inpatient, or outpatient depending on the family's preference. At Legacy Freedom, our outpatient treatment programs take a holistic approach to your sobriety.

The holistic approach at our our Columbus OH drug and alcohol treatment center means that we look at healing the whole person. At Legacy Freedom we look at the mental, social, and physical factors associated with each patient's case. This means our alcohol and drug rehab healing methods include great alternative options including yoga, equine therapy, rope course treatment, and meditation. We firmly believe that instead of using drugs to treat a substance abuse problem, taking a holistic approach is the future of addiction recovery.

Holistic Approach To Recovery

For you to recover, we have to start treating your mind. After all, your brain is what controls everything. How you treat your mind includes how you control your thoughts, thought process and relearning how to make better choices. With our holistic drug rehab programs, we help you change bad behaviors, habits, and give you a better overall attitude and outlook on life. We teach you how to make good choices every day and how those good choices lead to a better life of sobriety. Our programs strengthen the mind to get you through tough times. We give you tools to avoid abusing your favorite substance.

For recovery to work, you have to start getting active. We know that routine exercise is a necessity for staying sober and avoiding a relapse. Just like training your mind builds a strong brain, building a strong body will help you "exercise your demons." When you feel like using, try doing 100 push-ups instead. We help you find activities that you like and will want to stick with. You might not like working out at a gym but really enjoy riding a bicycle. If you don't like running or jogging, we can seek adventure therapy where you're out in the woods instead. These are just a few of the holistic options that we offer. Below you find the entire list of alternatives that make getting sober fun!


Compassionate Columbus OH Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Legacy Freedom of Columbus wants to help you with your addiction problems. We offer holistic and alternative treatment programs with wonderful counselors that understand your needs. We know what it takes to get you back into a sober life. We do not use opiate replacement therapy because we want you to manage your life without a crutch.

If you have a drinking problem, issues with painkillers or other substances, please give us a call for the help you deserve. Why not take the first step toward recovery and call us today? This call could save your life.

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