What is alcohol detoxing like?

Columbus OH Alcohol RehabIf you're an alcoholic, or chronic heavy drinker, then you're probably scared to death of alcohol withdrawal and detoxing. This is probably the single largest factor that is preventing you from getting the help you need, and deserve.

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How long can alcohol detox take?

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms last about a week. It's like having the flu. The first few days will be the toughest as the acute withdrawal symptoms generally last 2-4 days. The first half of the week is always the worst, but this will vary from person to person. The symptoms can also be different depending on how much you drank, your frequency of drinking, and how long you were an alcoholic. If your drinking was on the heavy side then your chances of experiencing severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms will be really high. If you have only been drinking for a short time then your symptoms will not be as bad. Just know that all of this depends on the person's age, body type, and metabolism. Alcohol withdrawal duration and severity is not an exact science and it is extremely difficult to accurately predict from person to person.

Dealing with Alcohol Withdrawal

If you're an alcoholic, or chronic drinker, then the best thing that you can do for yourself is to check yourself into a facility for Columbus OH alcohol rehab. Do not try to go through this alone as detoxing at home can be dangerous and medically risky. Some alcoholics that have been drinking for a really long time, find that trying to suddenly quit can put a lot of shock on their body's systems. This group really should seek the help of a trained professional beforehand and start slowly by weaning themselves off, and not trying to quit cold turkey.

Committed Columbus OH Alcohol Rehab | Legacy Freedom

Detox can be a grueling experience and it will test the resolve of all alcoholics that attempt it, but remember - detox and rehab are two totally different ball games. Detox is the first step to rehab, and rehab is one of the first steps to sobriety - both are needed before an addict can claim to be in substance abuse recovery. You can learn more about individual programs below:

Legacy Freedom can help you with your journey into recovery with top notch Columbus OH alcohol rehab center. We'll teach you how to cope with life without a crutch. Our holistic programs work, for addicts of all ages, so please give us a call today.

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