How Adventure Therapy Can Help With Addiction Recovery!

Drug Treatment In Columbus OHThere is just something about being in the outdoors that lifts our spirits. Connecting with nature and going on adventures can be both exhilarating and fulfilling. This is one of the main reasons why outdoor adventure therapy is used at our facility for alcohol and drug treatment in Columbus OH. We've found that using nature activities such as rock climbing, whitewater rafting, and backpacking to provide positive experiences can help those suffering from addiction make the changes in their lives to get back to being sober again.

Adventure therapy has been popular for addiction recovery since the late 1970's when Colorado Outward Bound’s Alcohol and Drug Courses started. The goal of adventure therapy programs is to provide recovering addicts with opportunities and skills to deal with difficult situations so that they can draw upon these experiences during the recovery process. This type of therapy is great for building positive coping skills and the therapeutic benefits are many. These benefits include establishing a deeper connection with nature, learning how to trust one’s community through teamwork building exercises, developing healthier coping skills for dealing with control issues, taking responsibility for one’s actions, not playing the victim, and building self-esteem through joyful and pleasurable experiences.

By providing recovering addicts a serene environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, they're able to avoid some of life's distractions and can actually have the time and space to really reflect on life and the situation that they're in. In a sense, adventure therapy can truly give someone suffering from substance abuse the platform they need to build a new life.

Adventure therapy is an alternative and holistic form of therapy that really gets patients back to the basics of life. The comforts of home that your loved one is normally accustomed to living with are removed. There are no comfortable beds, iPads, or the luxury of getting a hot shower when you want it. All of these things that we take for granted, day in and day out, are no longer available within the scope of outdoor adventure therapy.

To effectively use adventure therapy properly, it cannot be simply a temporary escape route from life's real problems; it has to be used as a way to really get back to the things in life that are important and building up physical, emotional and spiritual well being. If you would like to learn more about outdoor adventure therapy, please call Legacy Freedom today.

Affordable Alcohol Drug Treatment In Columbus OH

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