How Color Effects Your Mental Health

Charlotte Mental Health ServicesWelcome back to our continuing series on the effect of color on your mental health. In our previous post, we examined the ways that color can be used to treat your mood and physical ailments. Click here to learn more. Today we'll be taking a closer look. If you're looking for Charlotte mental health services that you can trust, call Legacy Freedom.

Color therapy has been used for thousands of years by many civilizations and has recently come into use in popular psychological treatment. By incorporating different colors into your environment and in your clothing and jewelry you can use the effects of color to help boost your mood, restore a sense of calm, or increase your energy.

Depending upon which colors you choose to use in your home or your clothing, you can evoke different feelings. Many studies have shown that there are definite feelings tied to each color. Warm colors like orange, yellow and red make people feel warm, comfortable or hostile; while cool colors like green, purple or blue can evoke feelings of calm or sadness. Many colors carry strong emotional connotations like black, white or red. Common associations with colors, like death or danger, may cause some people to avoid certain colors altogether.

Learning which colors provide what benefit can help you hone in on particular colors depending upon your needs. Need to feel calmer or rested? Try sky blue, indigo or turquoise. If you think your energy levels are low, adding gold or emerald green to your outfit or the space around you can help revitalize you and improve your focus. Violet and yellow are an excellent source of stimulation for your brain and body.

Color theorists believe that each color has an energy that is associated with it and that our bodies absorb the light that is found in the color spectrum. Absorbing these colors can have a positive effect on our moods, well-being and affecting our emotional and mental states.

Affordable Charlotte Mental Health Services

Alternative therapies, acupuncture, adventure therapy or tai chi are utilized by the therapists at Legacy Freedom as part of our holistic approach to Charlotte mental health services. Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD or other mental illnesses, our highly trained staff is prepared to help you begin your treatment journey. Together with your care team, you will create a care plan that is focused on you and your goals, not your mental illness. Working one-on-one with your therapist will help you identify the cause of your mental illness. Once this cause is identified, you will identify new ways to cope with and manage the symptoms of your mental illness.

Finding support along your journey is important. Connecting with peers in group therapy sessions can help you form connections that will provide you the support and encouragement you need away from our outpatient facility. We also offer you the ability to involve your friends and family in your care as you progress through treatment. Many of our clients find that involving loved ones in their care helps encourage them to face challenges in their therapeutic process and helps strengthen bonds and improve relationships.

With more than ten different alternative Charlotte mental health services to choose from, Legacy Freedom is sure to offer something to pique your interest and help you meet your treatment goals. Together with your therapist and care team, you will choose the therapy that best fits your needs and goals. To learn more about our alternative therapy treatments, explore our previous blog posts.

Letting your depression, anxiety or PTSD control your life can stop today with a call or click to connect with Legacy Freedom of Charlotte!

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