Are You a Chronic Relapser?

Raleigh NC Alcohol RehabBreaking the grip of addiction can be difficult. Whether you're addicted to the fast-paced lifestyle of partying and dealing drugs or your use of alcohol and drugs has spun out of control, choosing to get sober can be a challenge. While no one intends to relapse during their recovery efforts, relapses do happen. Understanding why you are addicted and why you choose to use drugs and alcohol or escape into the lifestyle of partying or dealing is crucial for your recovery. Failing to identify these causes and work through them puts you at a higher risk for relapse. However, relapses aren't brought on by just one misstep in the recovery process. For holistic Raleigh NC alcohol rehab and drug addiction treatment, call Legacy Freedom.

A relapse is a common and expected part of the sobriety process. Though this doesn't make a relapse okay, accepting and understanding the setback as part of your recovery journey can help you get back on track. The recovery process is about more than just not using drugs or alcohol any longer. Living a sober life requires you to relearn how to interact socially, how to perform at work, and how to meet the daily demands at home without alcohol or drugs. It is important to remember that your drug addiction didn't happen overnight, your recovery won't either.

The loved ones and friends of an addict who has relapsed are often devastated when they discover that the addict has begun to use again. Many factors can cause an addict to relapse. Understanding the why behind the relapse is crucial for the addict and their loved ones. Naturally, friends and family members want to blame themselves for missing the warning signs or for saying or doing something that may have led to the relapse.

The Most Common Causes of Relapse

An addict is more likely to relapse if they are only attending treatment to please other people. If the addicted person is ambivalent about their sobriety, they are more likely to relapse once they believe that they can get away with using. Addicts who choose to enter treatment on their own are more likely to maintain their sobriety because they chose to stop using.

The recovery journey should be approached with a humble and eager to learn attitude. Addicts who display arrogance or pride are often unable to maintain the focus needed to complete their recovery successfully. On the other hand, addicts who approach treatment for their addiction full of energy and motivation may find themselves unable to continue their full-on approach to their recovery and begin to view the loss of enthusiasm as a failure. The real failure comes when recovery no longer ranks among their top priorities and a relapse occurs. If you've relapsed, call Legacy. We offer the best Raleigh NC alcohol rehab and drug addiction treatment.

Trading one addiction for another can also lead to relapse. Some people may consider giving up drug or alcohol use and forming a dependence on therapy or other sobriety focused activities to be inconsequential. The reality is that if the addict stays in addictive patterns their likelihood of relapse is much higher. The partying or dealing lifestyle is not attractive or addictive because it is filled with mundane activities. Addicts crave the rush and excitement of using, partying, and chasing the next high.

During the recovery process addicts are asked to confront the choices that led them to use drugs or alcohol. Understanding why they use and the feelings and beliefs that fuel their addiction can be confusing and even heartbreaking for the addict. Confronting problems during the recovery process or becoming stuck and unwilling to move forward usually triggers a relapse. Addicts who view attaining their sobriety as an event rather than a process or a journey are unlikely to press on when they encounter rough patches or are asked to focus on themselves and the choices they have made.

Holistic Raleigh NC Alcohol Rehab and Drug Treatment

If you are struggling to maintain your sobriety, Legacy Freedom of Raleigh NC can help. Maybe the twelve-step approach didn't work for you, or you've started over so many times that you have lost count. That's okay. Our approach to addiction treatment is unlike any other treatment plan you've tried. Legacy Freedom utilizes a holistic approach to substance abuse that focuses on treating you as a whole person, not just your addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Every client is partnered with a Life-Purpose coach who helps them rediscover their passions and bring into focus the goals they have for themselves on their sobriety journey. Addiction robs you of your time, your energy, and your ability to use your talents. Restoring you to a healthy state that allows you to shift your focus from drugs and alcohol to positive pursuits is essential for recovery.

Together with your Life-Purpose coach and your care team you will develop a treatment plan that is focused on you and your needs. By combining traditional talk therapy and alternative therapies, Legacy Freedom gives you a complete care plan than a twelve step program does. Our team of therapists and clinicians work with you to help you focus and heal with the holistic Raleigh NC alcohol rehab and drug addiction treatment.

One-on-one talk therapy is just one of the many tools we utilize to get to the root of your addiction. Understanding why you use is essential for your long term sobriety. Whether you use to escape the memories of a traumatic experience, to cope with the loss of a loved one, to self-medicate an undiagnosed mental illness, or to boost your self-esteem, your therapist will help you identify the root of your addiction. Group therapy allows you to connect with your peers and find support on your recovery journey. These bonds help you find the understanding and encouragement you need while you work towards your sobriety away from our outpatient program.

Alternative therapies like tai chi, yoga, acupuncture, equine assisted therapy and inner child work are all utilized to help you heal. Learning mindfulness, treating the inner child, building boundaries or letting go of unhealthy beliefs are all achieved through alternative therapies at Legacy Freedom. Together with your care team, you will choose the right alternative therapies to meet your recovery goals and keep you focused.

Addiction doesn't have to control your life. Call or click to connect with our care team and begin your journey to sobriety today with Legacy Freedom!


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