Characteristics of Mentally Strong People

Columbus mental healthManaging your emotional, psychological, and intellectual strength in a productive and healthy manner can have a significant impact on your ability to cope with reality. Those among us who are particularly resilient and able to adapt to the ever-changing world around them are said to be mentally strong, but what does mentally strong mean. These are some of the typical characteristics of mentally strong people. For Columbus mental health treatment that you can trust, reach out to Legacy Freedom and just ask.

They Know How to Say 'No'
Being able to stand up for themselves and set boundaries against aggression or unjustified behavior from others is one of the most common traits among mentally tough individuals. They don't feel guilty for setting these boundaries. Instead, they feel free from the burden and liberated.

They Have Healthy Relationships
Mentally strong people don't waste their time on unhealthy people or relationships. The boundaries they set mean that the resources they have (time, energy and money) are dedicated to people who bring something positive into their lives.

They Don't Feel Entitled
Taking the initiative to get what you want is a sign of someone who understands that life isn't always fair. Having the mental fortitude to know and accept that no one owes you anything is extremely healthy.

They Let Go of Control
Rather than giving in to anxiety and insecurity and trying to control everything all at once, mentally strong individuals differentiate between what they can and cannot control. Letting go of those things you have no control over allows for a greater sense of happiness and results in more options and opportunities presenting themselves.

They Extend Compassion and Empathy
Understanding why others think and feel the way they do makes mentally tough people capable of compassion and empathy. They have these feelings for themselves and they are able to identify the need for others to find empathy or compassion when they are hurting.

They Are Present and Rational
Having a high level of awareness and being able to control and regulate your emotions is a sign of a healthy mental state. Being present in the moment and not worried about the future or dwelling in the past allows you to come up with conclusions and connections that offer a solution for now and keep them focused on their goals.

They Have Healthy Self-Esteem
Being aware of and accepting their weaknesses and strengths leaves people who have a healthy mental status feeling confident. These people do not depend on the praise from others to feel good nor do they allow criticism or rejection to devastate them.

Best Columbus Mental Health Treatment for 2018

Do you find yourself struggling to be present? Has your self-esteem been worn down? Your mental health is as important as your physical health. Feeling depressed, anxious, or stressed isn't any way to go through life. Take control of your mental health with holistic treatment options from Legacy Freedom of Columbus. Thousands of clients have learned to overcome their negative thoughts and emotions and develop positive ways to cope with them.

Our unique approach to Columbus mental health care combines traditional talk therapy with alternative therapeutic treatments like tai chi, equine assisted therapy, and inner child work. With more than ten options to choose from, you and your care team will create a treatment plan that meets all your goals and keeps you interested and focused.

Getting started with your treatment is as easy as calling to clicking to connect with our staff. Every call is confidential and our care team is waiting to help you learn to overcome your anxiety, depression, or stress.

Join us next time for more traits of mentally strong people.



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