Celebrating Gay Pride: Looking at the Mental Health of the Community

LGBTQ Therapists in Columbus, OHJune is Gay Pride Month, and we are turning to our attention to the mental health of this community. Did you know that LGBTQ individuals are three times more likely to experience generalized anxiety disorder or major depression than other populations? The fear of being discriminated against for their gender identities or sexual orientation can be a large factor. These fears can lead to suicidal thoughts, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, or trouble with substance abuse. The community as a whole does not often address their mental health and may lack awareness of conditions and the resources available to help them cope. If you're searching for affordable LGBTQ therapists in Columbus, OH, call Legacy Freedom!

The LGBTQ community faces unique needs with mental health care. While many providers may have a positive attitude towards the LGBTQ community, those who lack the knowledge and experience of working with members of the community may place the emphasis of care on the person's sexual identity or orientation rather than addressing their mental health needs first. Many LGBTQ people feel uneasy disclosing their sexual or gender orientation to new providers and feel that psychotherapy in the community carries a stigma. Leaders in the LGBTQ community are fighting to connect people to the loving, supportive, and safe relationships that they need and deserve.

Despite the efforts of community leaders, the most common mental health concerns among this group are:

Feelings of rejection from family and loved ones often lead to significant depression for members of the LGBTQ community. Dealing with the societal bias and fearing exclusion from their community for talking about their mental health needs can push those struggling with depression further into the dark.

The same fears that feed depression among members of the LGBTQ community can also give rise to anxiety. Additionally, experiencing rejection from people outside the community, members of their family, and close friends can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder in conjunction with anxiety. Acts of humiliation, emotional abuse, internalized shame, and negative self-concept can also contribute to the development of anxiety.

Substance Abuse
In order to manage depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder many LGBTQ members turn to drugs or alcohol to cope. These addictions can quickly spiral out of control and put the user at an increased risk for sexual assault, sexually transmitted diseases, and overdose.

Best LGBTQ Therapists in Columbus, OH

At Legacy Freedom of Columbus, we understand that talking about your sexual preference or identity can be a scary and challenging discussion. We believe that everyone deserves quality mental health care with the focus put on them, not just their depression, anxiety, or PTSD. Our highly trained staff knows that many times there is more than one mental health issue occurring and that getting to the root of your negative thoughts and feelings is crucial to learning how to cope in a healthy and positive manner.

By combining traditional talk therapy with alternative treatment methods we can create a plan of care that is unique to your needs and goals. Get started today by calling or clicking to connect with our LGBTQ therapists in Columbus, OH. The confidential and compassionate care you need and deserve is waiting for you at Legacy Freedom!



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